Manorama Six feet under – A 2007 thriller I missed

by shalinijena

Only View (No Review) of Manorama Six Feet Under

From the candid Abhay Deol to the perfectly named Brij Mohan, Vinay Pathak, the beautiful and soberly clad Sarika to the sarcastic, bitter and sweet Gul Panag – I am all swept over with the wonderful characterization. The film starts with an idea of the game of the Politics coming along, but who thought it would turn to be one of the masterpieces of Indian thriller!

A wanna be crime writer fed up with his life and final realization of his failure comes across the solemn wife of a politician who wants proof about her husband’s extra-marital affairs. In need of money and excitement, the suspended writer becomes a detective and this is the story of the many pits he came across, some he managed to miss and others where he fell six feet under. That was just a bad joke.

Anyways, the narrative unfolds the dirty corruption in politics, the pitiable promises, masked personas and follow ups as intriguing as betrayal and incest. Personally, I am glad I did not watch this film back in 2007. I don’t know if I could have loved it so much. After Shanghai, this is anytime my second favorite Bollywood political thriller. I mean how amazing is Abhay Deol, right? I hardly know a film in his filmography that are not choosy and undoubtedly off beat. Even Raima Sen was successful in fooling us and in fact, shocking us with her own unsaid truth. Now that I have watched this, I am more curious to see what Chinatown has in its store. Many critics have compared the Manorama with it. Moreover, I did love Roman Polanski’s The Pianist and The Ghost Writer, so I am sure I won’t regret watching this.

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Do watch the film if you are fan of Good Indian cinema. The film is off stream and kinda for choosy film buffs.. So, Cheers! And Goodnight!

One of my favorite songs that is going to my playlist after so many years I last heard it!
Wo Bheege Pal By Zubeen Garg