Flow like a river, whispers the lake

Its tiring. This pursuit of happiness. Somewhere in the deep tresses of logic and practicality, it seems to have lost all meaning. And yet its not all sad and its not all happy. Its nice and yet its not, cos its addictive. One might wonder how is that something to be sad about? Addiction to something … Continue reading

Day 10 : Its never-ending

Sometimes I feel like I have this intense desire to mess things up, just so I can fix them all over again. Its a demon in my head. Everything is so perfect, almost surreal. I have all I want. Not only that – I also have the attitude where I know its probably not forever. … Continue reading

Day 9 – A bad hair day or what?

12th Dec. 2014 Ever since I have joined Vinod Chopra films, I have had this constant fear. I am not sure what it is – anxiety or happiness or the feeling of not wanting to just be lucky. Of course, nobody is just lucky but ‘being at the right place at the right time’ sort … Continue reading

without much ado

Someday all of it will be history a lore heard or unheard Someday it will all be a moment when your eyes close someday it will become a smile or a tear.. When the hair turns grey and body all rotten I’ll think of the times lived and danced. Rest, forgotten. Its a relief to … Continue reading

Day 8 – its a good day

It still feels like a dream. Its not a dream come true moment, but it just feels like a dream. If you know me, you know what a wreck I was a month or two back. Confused, harassed and tired of Mumbai, I had just packed my bags, all the stuff that I could possibly … Continue reading

Day 7 – 7th november is here

One and a half months back, I packed my bags and left the city. I had been thinking about it for a long time but I wanted to wait – stick around for sometime, till it gets better. But obviously, it did not. My Mom used to console me on the phone. ‘Never give up. … Continue reading

Day 6 – Where do I start?

I can’t remember why I started this whole ‘Day’ thing for a title. Probably for myself to remember when was the last time I started writing about things that matter. Yes, things that matter. I was talking to a girl the other day who wants to become an actor. She has studied law, the complete … Continue reading