A piece of mind – after a long time

Sometimes there is no justification to detachment. Today you love something, tomorrow its no more a big deal. Perhaps, they are right – nothing is permanent after all. I was walking on the hill roads of wellington this morning (Its in Tamil Nadu. That’s where my parents live now), when I realised I didn’t feel … Continue reading

My MAMI experience : Films at Mumbai Fest Festival

MAMI 2013 Every year since 1997, Mumbai Academy of Moving Images conducts an International film festival that encompasses films from all over the world in the city of dreams, Mumbai. It is “THE” hub for all the film enthusiasts and cinema lovers across the country and an opportunity none would miss if given a chance. … Continue reading

Silent tears and dried eyes.

Sometimes I am lost. Like a silent reminder I tell myself that everything is okay. And if its not, what’s the big deal? And then I wonder, how are things okay for people at all? Are they happy? Is there a reason to it or they are just a bunch of conditioned minds. What am … Continue reading

Silence and the beast

Hey you You have been out too long You are scared and lost That you’ll end up alone Hey you You wish for dreams you can’t fulfil In a silent reminder you, an atheist kneels Praying for a happy ending A Story that’s worth telling A trot in the lands of fairies Hey you You … Continue reading

The key

Sometimes I am lost. I am lost in the glories of past. The long gone feelings we call love. In the midst of knots and relentless ties. Sometimes I am lost – because the tragedy of truth hurts more than lies. We don’t chose to be who we are. Even if we could, would we … Continue reading

That first time.

It was 12.30 am and I was in a coffee shop waiting for my fourth cup of cappuccino. Sometimes in my musings, I would wonder if this is what my life is actually worth telling – midnight coffees? A feeling of self pity rushed over me and I turned back to the book I was reading. … Continue reading

Why I won’t read Fifty shades of grey..

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.” ~ Oscar Wilde I am not really the kind of person who would judge something without really knowing what its all about. I feel guilty when I watch the trailer of a film and exclaim ‘Cheers to another crappy film!’. Most times the instinct works, but … Continue reading