Day 6 – Where do I start?

I can’t remember why I started this whole ‘Day’ thing for a title. Probably for myself to remember when was the last time I started writing about things that matter. Yes, things that matter. I was talking to a girl the other day who wants to become an actor. She has studied law, the complete … Continue reading

Day 5 – Looking forward

I wish I could write when I was travelling. Its like wisdom time. I might sit for hours to write a decent piece and nothing would make as much sense as and when am in a train or taxi, just sitting and not trying to think. Funnily, when your mind is calm, everything seems to … Continue reading

Day 4 – On track, for now

Whenever I am confused, messed up or feel lost – I clean. Last night when I came back home, I looked around and saw the mess. It was disgusting. There goes a pile of clothes on one corner, cigarette ashes in other, towel and bags scattered on the bed, unwashed garbs lying uselessly for what seems … Continue reading

Day 3 – a breakdown, but not yet.

After a long time I cried. Watched Hayao Miyazaki’s- NausicaÄ of the Valley of Wind today. There were times in the film when I would wonder why do they have this pretentious Indian classical music here. Why do they have to describe emotion with music. Why do they have to be vocal about everything. And … Continue reading

Day 2 – money or not?

Its 2 am and I am still awake. I know for my internet audience, this is no big deal. But it is for me. For a long time I took pride in calling myself a “6 am” morning person. Today, I am just an 8 am (still early for many) jobless douchebag. 2 is late. … Continue reading

Day 1 – Lets not feel low

I watched Julie and Julia last night. It gave me an idea – perhaps I should start a blog too. You know like – record all the struggle in it and someday it might be big and if it doesn’t, then atleast it will inspire or encourage/educate somebody to not do the same mistakes that … Continue reading

A piece of mind – after a long time

Sometimes there is no justification to detachment. Today you love something, tomorrow its no more a big deal. Perhaps, they are right – nothing is permanent after all. I was walking on the hill roads of wellington this morning (Its in Tamil Nadu. That’s where my parents live now), when I realised I didn’t feel … Continue reading