Day 9 – A bad hair day or what?

12th Dec. 2014 Ever since I have joined Vinod Chopra films, I have had this constant fear. I am not sure what it is – anxiety or happiness or the feeling of not wanting to just be lucky. Of course, nobody is just lucky but ‘being at the right place at the right time’ sort … Continue reading

without much ado

Someday all of it will be history a lore heard or unheard Someday it will all be a moment when your eyes close someday it will become a smile or a tear.. When the hair turns grey and body all rotten I’ll think of the times lived and danced. Rest, forgotten. Its a relief to … Continue reading

Day 8 – its a good day

It still feels like a dream. Its not a dream come true moment, but it just feels like a dream. If you know me, you know what a wreck I was a month or two back. Confused, harassed and tired of Mumbai, I had just packed my bags, all the stuff that I could possibly … Continue reading

Day 7 – 7th november is here

One and a half months back, I packed my bags and left the city. I had been thinking about it for a long time but I wanted to wait – stick around for sometime, till it gets better. But obviously, it did not. My Mom used to console me on the phone. ‘Never give up. … Continue reading

Day 6 – Where do I start?

I can’t remember why I started this whole ‘Day’ thing for a title. Probably for myself to remember when was the last time I started writing about things that matter. Yes, things that matter. I was talking to a girl the other day who wants to become an actor. She has studied law, the complete … Continue reading

Day 5 – Looking forward

I wish I could write when I was travelling. Its like wisdom time. I might sit for hours to write a decent piece and nothing would make as much sense as and when am in a train or taxi, just sitting and not trying to think. Funnily, when your mind is calm, everything seems to … Continue reading

Day 4 – On track, for now

Whenever I am confused, messed up or feel lost – I clean. Last night when I came back home, I looked around and saw the mess. It was disgusting. There goes a pile of clothes on one corner, cigarette ashes in other, towel and bags scattered on the bed, unwashed garbs lying uselessly for what seems … Continue reading