by shalinijena

I no more feel fascinated
by your strange attire
or your moustache so clumsily talking of pride
I no more feel indebted
to show you your path
to be your messiah
or your ego’s uplifting might.

I feel nothing
and like nothing this may sound so naive
What a pity that is.
I knew, it should have been this way

Take. Take. Take.
Take what you must.
I have nothing to lose.
My body, a temporary identity for few
My soul, like the dust –
storming away or settling in rain.

I no more feel the attachment
that once used to be your armour of love
I no more feel guilty
by the thoughts that
you wished were mine.

Was this what I was waiting for?
“The nothing” must be peaceful, I thought.
I tried looking at the stars up there
but all I saw were the tips of endless buildings above
And walk, walk, walk
I walk as I must
Not knowing quite the deal
to reach all beyond
I smile, smile, smile
I wonder what all the nothing could be like..