To love

by shalinijena

What day is it?
What time of the year?
Has it been a while?
Or a bit too early?
You see,
My mind is on its rounds again.

Of course its about you,
from head to foot.
Kiss me deeply and read my soul,
if you must.
Dig me harder, make a hole,
your own, if you must.

I wonder what our story must be like,
I wonder so, when I see your face in my mind.
Our bodies entwined,
our heartbeats singing a lullaby.
As our hands explore all crevice,
those intimate flaws – for more every time.

Will it be a tale of lovers,
breathing in each others arms
as death takes the final call.
Or will it be a tale of lovers,
who once had to cross paths,
to know what it meant to fall.

I take a stroll then.
Thinking of all I have read, seen and felt.

I sit on the perch,
with half a door closed,
letting my mind fly again.
And I think of you.
Your innocent soul behind those assuring eyes.
The warmth of your hands,
that loves all that it touches.
Your full lips,
fitting so perfectly onto mine.
Oh, I see you glowing,
like lovers shine.

And my mind,
flew back to the perch
Beneath the door half closed
I looked down
and there it was.
My heart – all yours.