I am not your hero

by shalinijena

I am not your hero
Can’t you see?
Or have you shut your eyes too?
Can’t you see the weakness in my knees?
Or have you looked away from those closed doors?
What you call – this passion,
this fury of youth.
Are just fantasies
of a world I do not know.

I am not your hero.
I am just freshly sculpted.
I look radiant,
because I was just decorated.
The fire in my eyes, so comforting,
looks like hope to you.
But I am still made of mud,
I harden only to crumble.

You have known my strength
like no man ever could
You have embraced my weakness
like its worth to you.
But, I am not your hero.

You put me up on a spot so high
Can’t you see am scared of heights?
Its not the falling that makes me anxious,
Its the letting go of you, that does.
So, No. I am not your hero.
Because I love so stupidly.
And if there were other ways to do so,
I would still love you this madly.
Can’t you see I am weak?
Hopelessly stabbing myself
with the knife I made.
Tearing myself out
from the wounds I saved.

Trust me,
I am not your hero.
My passion is only my fuel.
It will wear out someday.
My ideas might look like spring
but winter will soon be on its way.

No, I am not pessimistic.
I might believe in utopia
but I am not a unrealist.
Cos, I am not the wall you look for support,
I am such a sponge underneath.
I am not the belief you think I am,
That’s just yours reflecting on a mirror beneath
these array of aspirations
and dreams of you, of all you could and could not be.

I am not your hero, love..
Can you see it now?
So, please do not love me
for who I am not.
And later wonder
what went wrong.
I am not your hero.
No, I am not your hero..