Tiny tales part 1 – an intro

by shalinijena

All logic is lost. Its that feeling all over again. The feeling of ultimate doom. 

It must be love, she said.

‘I don’t think so’. He contradicted her, as always.

What is this then, was her next question.

‘I am just an option for you.’

Propped against her pillow, she studied his sculpted face, his eyes staring at the ceiling. Then she looked away. And both breathing in silence, listening to the fan creaking, not a whisper of the soul.

So what now, she asked.

There was nothing he could have said that would have made this better or maybe he didn’t even want to. He turned to look at her, her black eyes, her soft lips, her perfect cheekbone. There was so much to say and yet so many words were just not enough.

‘I don’t want to own you’, he admitted, almost generously and smiled. ‘I have done it before, I won’t do it again.’

Will you go away, she whispered. And snuggled closer to him as he let her do so. ‘Please don’t..’

He lay there, not justifying, not knowing what to say. As he waited for all the numbness in his heart to inflame its passion again, he thought of all the things that would go wrong. He closed his eyes and tried to grasp the last of all logic left and kissed her.

The time stretched and they both lived enough for the night as the dawn came and they knew it was over.