Day 8 – its a good day

by shalinijena

It still feels like a dream. Its not a dream come true moment, but it just feels like a dream.

If you know me, you know what a wreck I was a month or two back. Confused, harassed and tired of Mumbai, I had just packed my bags, all the stuff that I could possibly carry and left the rather heartless ‘city of dreams’. I went to the mountains and took some time off – I wasn’t sure how much time that would take though but I just left.

If I don’t tell you, you wouldn’t know, would you? As I sit here, trying to recall how it felt back then, I am tempted to go back to one of my previous posts on this – but I am scared. How contradictory is that? I write to remember, what I know I would later want to forget.

I reached Mumbai on the 7th of November. A friend had messaged me a niche circulation for the job of an editor at Vinod Chopra Films. Without any expectations and at the same time, with the feeling of nothing to lose – I had applied. While in hibernation, I had made a beautiful resume for myself – I forwarded them the same. But before doing that, I had called first.

I was not sure how these things work. But being at the right place, at the right time and by the doing the right thing – somehow, I made it. It was hard for me to believe for some time now – but today, when I received my first pay check – its just hard to find words.

I know its not supposed to be a big deal. But it is. For me – its really a big deal. Some people who already know this might think I am bragging. Well, am not. I am not bragging. I am just happy. Somehow I know this moment is only temporary – greed will perhaps takeover soon. As much I dread that, there is a subconscious voice asking me stay on my feet. To just stay – cos its gonna get better.

Earlier, I would have taken this for granted too – might have thought, yea well, I deserved it. I am good. Today, I feel blessed. There is this feeling that I have never felt before.

Immense satisfaction.
And gratitude, towards all the humans in my life – who stayed and who did not.

Have a good day.
And cheers to a life worth living, working hard and smiling all the time.

Love you all