Day 5 – Looking forward

by shalinijena

I wish I could write when I was travelling. Its like wisdom time. I might sit for hours to write a decent piece and nothing would make as much sense as and when am in a train or taxi, just sitting and not trying to think.

Funnily, when your mind is calm, everything seems to fall in place (even am surprised, here’s the last post). So, me and another friend of mine were looking for a house in Bombay to move in together. Now earlier I had kept my budget to 10 to 12k rupees. So, she finds a house in Bandra for 16k which actually is “cheap”. I had half a mind to move in. But the thought of my dad having to spend so much – that was just not ok.

I am 22. At my age, people have done just so much. I know you could say, ‘but you are just 22’ and for sometime now that’s the only solace I had. But if it doesn’t affect somebody else, doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect me. I have been a burden enough (yes, its the right word. And I hope he doesn’t read this). So I started looking for a house, going to random sites, facebook pages, calling up brokers and shit. Finally found something. Its not much, just a small room which I will have to share but there was a fridge, washing machine and an airy room to go to every night. All for 7.5k. That’s actually luxury.

And then guess what happened?

I got a job.

But that – we will talk about when I join.