Silent tears and dried eyes.

by shalinijena

Sometimes I am lost. Like a silent reminder I tell myself that everything is okay. And if its not, what’s the big deal? And then I wonder, how are things okay for people at all? Are they happy? Is there a reason to it or they are just a bunch of conditioned minds.

What am I. I ask myself, almost everyday. And those days that I don’t, I am just too lucky to have a purpose. Its important – to have a purpose. But to move on so soon? I don’t know about that.

When I was in school, I had a lot of friends. When I was in college, I had more friends than I could count. And when I left, I left it all. The connections that stay are just a thread tied tightly on one side and loosely on the end where I live. A snap and its gone; a snap by me.

They say I am good with words. I disagree. I use too many that sometimes it becomes so redundant for which I have to I give up.

Things, people, an image – that we don’t have in life bothers us. It tests us, to help us find it, achieve it. Some are too grand for us and some too easy that it ends up being not worth it. If love is a drug, then hope made it. Blame hope guys, blame hope..