Silence and the beast

by shalinijena

Hey you
You have been out too long
You are scared
and lost
That you’ll end up alone

Hey you
You wish for dreams
you can’t fulfil
In a silent reminder
you, an atheist kneels

Praying for a happy ending
A Story that’s worth telling
A trot in the lands of fairies
Hey you
You wish there was an angel coming

That silence in the crowd
Those eyes that wander around
Somebody too short
Somebody too long
But never a ‘too’ that makes you
who you are

A change in the place
The love that fades
Hey you
Regretting abandonment and sleaze
You, the one searching for some peace

Stacked and full
Endless wanting now makes you dull
Living the moment they say
But hey you
that’s not how you start your day

Some music to the ears
A chastity that bears
A slowness that you wonder
Some happiness that hinders
Hey you
You are not what they call
You are but not one and all..