We chose.

by shalinijena

Still and black
Filing up at last
Care not to say goodbye
A lonely track

Tell me how you feel
In that blinding shield
You gotta move on, slash
Get up on your back

Take it for granted
And you’ll never know what it meant
Say you feel low
Take a-two shoulder to blow

Its not how you perverts see
No its not a flow

Staring and sad
but something to look at last
A tiring road
But wake up on snow

Shake it up and chase
the dreams you made
Flying in the dark
You know what you lack

Play the ball
But kick it right
Cos you don’t wanna
be the Jack

Crying and down
Saying hello
And yet
Nothing – to look back

Take a pause
Read the signs
They scream your path
Shaded in your past
clearing up your track
Take a kick and start.