“I will be there for you!”

by shalinijena

To watch them go, its almost depressing. But I am glad they did. Forever kinda sucks, doesn’t it?

After days, months and years of friends, I still can’t find a closure. They hook me, just like they will hook my kids someday and maybe even their kids. Its so cool right?

You know what’s the best part, when you fall in love with them and in every happy and sad moment, your friends might not be there for you but they are. You might want to cry for being dumped by some asshole, but they make you feel better. They make you feel like, “dude. Whatsup with you. Shit happens. Laugh about it.” Surely if you haven’t watched friends, you have missed a lot and if you have watched – seriously, did you ever get enough?

Today I was going through the gag reels and I can’t be more emotional about it all! I mean I first watched the documentary and got to know the “Real” people behind it, from David Crane, Marta Kauffman, Adam Chase and so many others whose names I don’t remember. Its overwhelming to watch the amount of work that goes into it all. From the script writing table where the favourite TV times of your life are created to the production crew, props – the folly effect that they do for the sounds was the most fascinating though. Its done everywhere actually, but still.

One of the favourite gags was the gag from the episode where Joey hosts a party and doesn’t invite his friends but unfortunately, Rachel finds out and makes a deal to not tell others about it. Monica finds out when she discovers the party dress that Rachel wore beneath the bath-robe and just when Joey comes in she yells at him for telling them and demands his robe down. He does and they all hide their faces. Certainly he was not naked in ‘real’, so he had his white shorts on with Ross’s picture on his thing. Its not that funny here. But when you watch, its hilarious!


You must watch this gag too!

Ok fine.

It was funny ok.

I love friends. I don’t have friends like they do. But then real life isn’t really the best thing, that’s why they have TV shows and movies, don’t they?