Its a scary world

by shalinijena

One common thing in all organizations – they are ALL made of shit. The bigger, the shittier.

I had this weird thought today. All the people who are into the corporate, I ask them – are you happy? Now, I ask all those people who are not into corporates, but in the development field – are YOU happy? Satisfied with your life?

Ever seen a CEO of a multinational company asking you to have tea with him because you are ‘guests’? Wouldn’t that be something to brag about? Well. Well. NGOs don’t really have the privilege to be bragged about you see. Recently, I went to Tirupathi for some work on Anganwadi centres that an NGO called RASS does. Now this is a pretty big NGO and I had NO idea about that. Now what is big about it you think. Apart from the fact that it has a pretty huge building to its name which is quite a rare sight in this field – it is perhaps the only NGO that has been awarded a Padma shri. Cool, isn’t it? So, we were just getting down the stairs after some discussion with the project members when a man in white dhoti sees us and asks us to come into his office. Just like that. He was the main guy by the way, G. Muniratnam.

He was pretty amazing though. But that’s not what I am trying to say.

Its a funny world.

One side are the corporates – who talk about how they are making world a better place to live in and on the other side are these NGOs who nobody knows or cares about. But that again wouldn’t be entirely true.

These NGOs don’t care if the public knows their name, brand or what they believe in. They just care about the money. The money that goes into the development. No NGO is big. They are always in DIRE need.

But there is a major misconception that NGOs aren’t corrupt. But then again, why wouldn’t they be?

You might find it interesting to check the backgrounds of most people who do well in the development field. They are people who have tried or aimed for something greater in life and failed. And when they do, its too hard for them to accept that the world and the dreams they chased are too far for them. So grapes become sour and all of a sudden, they are “not meant” to be a part of what they wanted to be. I might come under that category if I end up in this field – just a prior proof if I ever become a hypocrite in future. I assure you though, I will be an honest corrupt. No matter where I go, who I cheat, you’ll find it all here.

(Just Kidding)

Development actually makes them feel better about themselves. When they feel closer to poor, when they see the poor respecting them with all their hearts – they feel  like they have it all. Plus, all the money that pours in. Its easier than the corporates actually. You don’t have to slog the whole doing nothing in luxurious offices. You can sit back, work well, earn better, do good to the society and all not feel guilty about making a few little extra bucks – all you have to do is, hook your funders and get more, more and more.

Its a strange world. Isn’t it?

It scares me – this world, its people, its good deeds, its bad deeds – everything has a reason, every reason has its action and every action has its consequence. It scares me – this world, about which I will never know enough, which will swallow me if I dig any deeper and if I don’t, make me numb with nothingness but pretence.