Movie-ing Naomi Watts

by shalinijena

She is beautiful – and talented.  I was going to make a random list of few amazing movies – a mix of old and new ones – until I realized I had something common in all of them. And – you guessed it right – Naomi Watts. I like her. Do you, too? If yes, then seriously don’t waste your time watching all the films she’s ever made. I have a friend who does that. Its good for her actually. She knows the difference between good and bad films. I, on the other hand would never torture myself with bad films, not even for the sake of it. Anyway, here is the list and enjoy movie-ing cos there is much more to explore about our King-Kong girl! (A proper list after a long time!)

  1. Eastern Promises (2007) – Crime thriller. If you are a girl then its time you meet your dream man. That reminds me of my fantasy of dating a criminal (and not getting raped or murdered eventually). By the way do you have one too? Too bad they are not having a sequel for eastern promises, cos its amazing! Viggo Mortensen in his best and Naomi Watts as gracefully charming and suitable for her earthly character of sophistication. An amazing film, I tell you! Specially the fist and knife fight sequence in one of the public baths – shit! What – a – scene! (Censored for the Television though! Why? You’ll know *wink*)
  2. The painted Veil (2006) – Romantic Drama. There are lot of things to take from the movie – especially if you’re young. Kitty (Naomi Watts) marries a successful man named Walter (Edward Norton) just to get away from her family but soon she realizes her life was very monotonous with no excitement whatsoever because – he was a silent crude doctor and most importantly, she did not love him. Sometimes it takes years to love someone, sometimes its just one look. Kitty meets a charming man, Charlie (Liev Schreiber) and deludes herself to believe that he loved her too. The film is about Walter taking Kitty to a small Chinese village suffering the epidemic of cholera despite knowing that she cheated on him. The film is about Kitty realizing her own foolishness and falling in the love with the man who pretends to punish her with his jibes. The film is about Kitty and Walter falling in love all over again. And the film is lovely!

  3. Mulholland Drive (2001)- Psychological thriller. It is nothing like any of the films I have ever watched. Personally, I felt like a detective in the film. Some parts of it still confound me. But then that’s what David Lynch wanted to do I guess. He wanted a confused audience for his uber confusing film. Did I like it? Of course I did! A film is not about the conclusion or the plot alone. There is a lot more to it. While the painted veil is all sunny, Mulholand Drive is a gloomy film. No, not boring, deliberately gloomy. I did myself a favour at the end, you can do that too if you aren’t too smart or a psychotic – don’t try to interpret it.
  4. 21 grams (2003)- Drama and Romance – I love Sean Penn and his movies. Perhaps my next post will be about him. The story of the film interweaves around three families who come across each other in the most critical situations of their lives. The editing is absolutely unique! Naomi Watts is an absolute stunner and perhaps one of the most bold actresses I know with that distinction of having an innocent outline about her character. Benicio Del Toro, an ardent follower of Jesus who is in deep conflict after killing Naomi’s family in an accident, surrenders himself but cannot trust his God he worshipped beyond everything. The film has managed to portray raw emotions in the most enticing way! From the anguish of losing your loved ones to the unprompted love that engulfs a dying man – it is hard to believe that all of it could make one, single film. Loved it. You will too.

  5. The impossible (2012)-I don’t really know what genre this is, but they call it drama and thriller. IMDB describes the film like this – An account of a family caught, with tens of thousands of strangers, in the mayhem of one of the worst natural catastrophes of our time. I haven’t watched it yet and that is because I can’t find the torrent file. Can you? Please help, if you can! I really want to watch it. I have sixth sense with the plots and this one totally excites the hell out of me. Am I over expecting? Hope not.
Film Imdb rating  The amazing co-star?
Eastern Promises (2007) 7.7
Viggo Mortensen

The painted Veil (2006) 7.5 Edward Norton

Mulholland Drive (2001) 8.0
Laura Harring

21 grams (2003) 7.8
Sean Penn
Benicio Del Toro

The impossible (2012) 7.6 Ewan McGregor