Gone baby Gone

by shalinijena

The boy is out of the well now | The missing child was found this morning. | The man was shot but he is alive and safe.

Sometimes I wonder if life is more about truths or lies. Sometimes we wonder if we all live in a lie, everyone dies with the truth and all that is left are the lies, lies that make us “happy”.

Don’t you think that all these concepts of happy endings are made up? Am not saying they aren’t true. Am just saying they are made up. With the reporter’s voice consoling us and giving us that illusion of a liveable world out there, of course its a blatant lie – a lie we believe in or rather, a lie we ‘want’ to believe in.

We are not living.

We are adjusting and by explaining ourselves like ‘Hey what are you upset about? You are better off than others!’

All of it is an illusion of a perfect world made by “God”.

There are films which end happily and then there are films which end not-so-happily and then there are other films we wait for to end. Gone baby gone doesn’t come under any of those. Here is a film that ends with an illusion of “Happy-ending”. It actually is a slap on our faces. It sounds so harsh, but it definitely was a slap on the system I live in, on the system that I believe in. If I start talking about the film too much I might end up giving away spoilers and for your information, I hate to edit my stuff. πŸ˜›

Gone baby Gone is a crime-thriller based on the story of a little girl, Amanda who has been abducted from her home when her mother was out of sight. From the private detectives to the police officers all come together to find her with just one though in their minds – She is just a little girl. But – that is just a tiny part of the plot there. The girl’s mother is an arsenic. She is a single mother, a drug addict and a thief.

Half way through the film and the case is closed and solved. Unusual because things look funnily spooky and plus, its just half the runtime. It seems the girl drowned in a deep lake while trying to save herself from the chaos after the ransom was about to be paid. Everyone makes you believe she dies but because more than half of the film is left you know that she can’t die. But what is happening? Why are police officers lying? Why does Patrick (The private detective played by Casey Affleck) thinks something is terribly wrong?

Bressant (Ed Harris) talking (chinding) Helene, Amanda’s mother.

When he finds a raped and murdered seven year old boy in a child molester’s house, Patrick immediately shoots the offender on his head. He is grieved by the thought that he broke the Bible’s word. Murder is a sin, it says and he killed someone without a thought. No matter how big a felony that is – nothing convinced him. Inspector and Detective Remy Bressant in a very emotional state of mind near the crime scene wants to prove Patrick that whatever he was right. In the flow of it he mentions “Skinny Ray’s” name who helped him in one of his investigations 15 years ago. But then he had earlier stated that he did not know Ray. Why is it all so important? Well, Amanda was kidnapped in the first place because of this Ray guy. Definitely Patrick found the loop-hole here. We all did actually.Β And that is when the film reopens the case and the excitement begins, all over again.

It is easy to guess that the director (Ben Affleck) will make sure the girl is safe and sound for the audience. But why? And for what? That is something you must know by watching the film. Without giving away spoilers (if you haven’t watched it yet) I would like to talk about the climax.

So at the end he finds her. Now he has two choices – to do what the rule says or to do what he probably should do. He is tore between the two options. If he chooses to stick by the rule then Amanda goes back to her old life where the neglect of her doped mother might never give her a good life. If he takes the latter option, that might work out well for her future but that would be plain treachery. The end will still surprise you.

A wonderful thriller and perhaps as good as American Gangster. You will like it. I? Loved it.

P.S – Most of my film posts are old, stored up in my drafts somewhere. There are so many more but I am so lazy to edit. Will soon. Goodmorning!