♫ Ryan O’Shaughnessy – No Name

by shalinijena

I was randomly surfing. Some cute animal videos took me to one of the youtube pages of Britain’s Got talent (Dog dancing – you can see it here). One thing led to another (yes, I am terribly jobless) and I found this episode where cute looking guy named Ryan O’Shaughnessy comes with his guitar and boggles the audience with his song-writing. At the end of the song I realized my mouth of actually open. Obviously I loved it! Everyone did. Today this guy, who wrote a simple song for a girl he loved (and who did not love him back – her loss – shit! I am so mean) has now an album of his own. When I say his own, I also mean his own songs. And believe me, they are amazing! Enjoy!

“No Name”

Every now and then I see a part of you I’ve never seen
Birds can swim and fish can fly
The road is long
I wonder why
One of these days you’ll realize
What you mean to me
Ohh-hh, every now and then I see a part of you I’ve never seen
Every now and then I try to tell you just how I feel
Heavens talk, the rain begins, the sky turns black
Nobody wins
Well, I try to talk but I can’t
My soul has turned to steel
This happens every now and then when I try to tell you just how I feel
So if you ever love somebody
You gotta’ keep them close
When you lose grip of their body
You’ll be falling
‘Cause I’m falling
Deeper in love
In love [4x]
In love
Lyrics courtesy – http://www.azlyrics.com

You can see the video of the audition here: