Bollywood’s Children of the year VS Bollywood’s comeback of the year!

by shalinijena

Today I watched two movies. Two Bollywood hits of the year. If Point of view was a station, then the respective directors of these two most popular-2012-hyped-dramas must be standing in two extreme platforms – Karan Johar and Gauri Shinde. This is perhaps the first and the last site where you’ll find their names next to each other. Exaggerating? No.

 On one side there is Karan Johar whose cinema reflects his world of fantasy. The realism he tries to portray can never exist. For many people it is plain entertainment, something light, something nice to watch “for a change” and maybe they are right. Yes, I might want to argue with myself like “Hey. The film made me smile – then what am I cribbing about?” – but then even the cheapest comedy makes me laugh, even the person I hate the most is not all bad, but that doesn’t mean I have to like him/her. Right? No I will not be diplomatic and so I will say what I feel – yes, Student of the year will make you smile, will take you into a fantasy world where boys look like men who pose in underwear ads, girls look like bimbos (no offence) and Deans of the so-called ‘best college of the country’ act like unhappy despos (desperate souls). And so, the film is a creative-less fantasy and so, I did not like it.

On the other side is a woman, a woman who wrote about another woman and made it into a film. English Vinglish, a vision through Gauri Shinde‘s eyes is based on a character who is grounded to her culture, who has a conservative background, but in her true self – is a free thinker with a heart that has no cages, that does not limit to the prejudices made by the world. She is happy in her little life – she, her husband, two children and a supportive mother -in – law. She owns a small business where she makes and sells laddus in and around her community and THIS is something that is more than an extra income for her. It is this work that makes her ‘someone’ in that little world of hers.

She is a typical, simple housewife that any Indian man wants to have – for a comfortable future. She is a typical Indian mother whose kids take her for granted and in their early teens even get ashamed of her inability to understand and talk in English. She is so typical with such a non -typical true self. While her husband is proud of her cooking abilities, he has never given a thought that she could be better or good or at least worth anything else. So typ—

Yea. I know.

Both the films have a predictable end. Where English Vinglish is about a woman who goes to New York for her niece’s wedding and eventually learns English and earns respect for who she is, KJ’s Student of the year about a love trilogy based on an extravagant setting and lots of young enthusiasm to keep you awed – no, not with the story – but with the clothes, the girls, the body and few funny dialogues.

Somewhere in one of my previous posts I mentioned how much acting matters to me. English Vinglish had a decent group of actors, everyone good enough with the plus point called a really strong screenplay! But Student of the year consists of good dialogues in parts and with actors that can’t tell them properly. David Dhawan‘s son, Varun Dhawan came out to be a fine performer though. Personally, I liked him most of the three hyped Bollywood’s children of the year. Even though the last scene’s dubbing was a disaster – I can still give positive feedback on Varun as I found him give a very neat delivery of his dialogues. Sridevi made it to the most amazing come-back ever. She did what amazing actors like Kajol could not do with My Name is Khan and Madhuri with Aaja Nachle. Hopefully, Manisha Koirala would do it right with Indira Gandhi’s role! She kept her temperament very close to how an Indian middle class housewife is expected to have and that is much more than appreciable.

At last, I would like to tell Shanaya that – no, your beautiful clothes don’t make me any jealous of you, they don’t even make me want to be like you if that’s what you wanted to do – sorry, you tried but not your best. Get yourself a better role next time. And come on, what are you? Just 19?

P.S – The French guy – Laurent? For your information – I think I am in love with him. Period.

Mehdi Nebbou in English Vinglish