A rapist’s favourite country

by shalinijena

Courtesy – The Hindu
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While going through today’s lead story in the editorial page titled “A state of criminal injustice” I came across something really disturbing. The figure says out of the total number of trials on rape cases, only one-fourth of the accused are convicted.


Can you believe this? What our report suggests here is – that the rest of the three-fourth rape victims are lying. How much more preposterous can that be and my dear people, for your information (and mine also, cos I got to know that recently too) – the “gang-rapes” which make headlines every other day is just a “gang-rape”. Yes. A woman is raped god knows how many times by some 10 odd people and its called a gang-rape, making it is just ONE case in front of the law.

We all know there are no stringent laws against rapists and now that we are so used to that fact, no matter how much it angers us – it all boils down to almost  nothing. And why? Ah. Important question. Why? Because rapists are everywhere. In your neighbouring street, in your office, in your organization, in your political party and yes, maybe even in your family. Where all will you go, where all will you keep them, who all will you fight? I know a girl who was raped when she was a mere 8 year old – yes, raped. She didn’t even know what happened to her. It was like no other pain, she thought. All she knew was that this could not be a normal punishment for not completing the work assigned. This was something she could probably never talk about to anybody let alone her parents. Or maybe she did, but don’t get surprised if I say they might have ignored her hints. She will have to live with that forever. What can she do? What can I do? What can my law do? Nothing.

My dear friends –
here is just a small thought.
Maybe it doesn’t even matter,
Maybe it is just another chatter
but anyway

Let me ask you this
Strangers rape little girls
Even little boys,
uncles rape their nieces,
husbands rape their wives –
Any number of connections to exemplify won’t be suffice.
Rapists can rape anybody.
And mostly they are acquitted
And if our victim is luckier than others
No, not better. Just luckier
then her perpetrator is convicted

And all he gets is a few years in jail
or worse, a healthy bail.

Leave the three-fourth who are free to go,
even for the one-fourth of that sickening row –
is that much punishment enough?
Is it – in anyway equivalent to
that every moment of death she gets
Yes, every day when she wakes up..

The horror of those few minutes or maybe hours
that haunt her even in her dreams.
Tell me, is that punishment enough?
Tell me. Because I don’t know what it means

You punish him for what?
He rips her clothes
He strangles every part of her body
He draws her away from her roots
He sucks her soul away from her skin
After killing every ounce of dignity she had
You tell me you punished him?
You tell me this is my Motherland!
You punish him for what I ask again.
Because really, I don’t understand..