Cover me in your blanket

by shalinijena

Why did it have to get over
All the beautiful times that we had
NO. Tell me. Why should I let go of you?
Your the only thing I adored..

No. I know. Thats not true
And I know.
Its not about getting over.
Its about feeling
Feeling so much
Oh yea so loved
Yes its about feeling
Feeling like I never felt before..

So now. Tell me what do I do
I am stuck in that timeline
And the worst part
Is yet to come
Cos I don’t wanna step out of it

Oh yes, I miss when you were with me
I miss your touch
That tingly feeling already
Stupid I  may sound
But I loved your lips
Oh yea. Everything about you baby..

I miss listening to the songs and crying
Weeping for your company
I miss lying on the floor
When I felt you did leave me
I miss everything I felt about you
I wish I had to never let it go
I might have cried
I might have broken down
But atleast I would felt something

Pic courtesy – truetrish