We cannot do everything. People must rise ~ AK

by shalinijena

“This is a conspiracy of the Congress and the IAC to divide the opposition votes”

– our honourable Opposition Party President Mr. Gadkari said to the press conference addressed by Arvind Kejriwal yesterday.

So congress’s damaad and its elected Law minister conspired against themselves so that your votes don’t get divided! Waah! Now, you make sense.

Isn’t Kejriwal our country’s new darling now? He is not an eye-opener, he is a dictionary. He doesn’t talk about corruption, he defines it up for us. The politicians won’t come to us and tell us how corrupt they are, would they? He is just doing them a favour by serving us in behalf of them – a service called Truth. Someone should help them keep their promises na? Yes, we don’t know if its all true but don’t you think his “baseless” allegations are much more believable than our “representatives”. His dictionary is India’s revolution towards detailing quid pro quo. How?

Well, first he gets hold of the country’s virtual ruler Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law, Robert Vadra – alleging that he made DLF Limited give him interest free loans and heavy bargains on lands (that mind you, amounts in crores) in return of political favours. Quid pro quo.
Second he makes the CEO of the Judiciary – the Law minister, Salman Khurshid sit in his own dock and accuses him in front of the entire country of involving in misappropriation of the funds by forging signatures of Government officials in 34 documents under the name of his and his wife’s Zakir Hussain Memorial trust for physically challenged people. Kejriwal doesn’t want the UP state to probe the case because CM Akhilesh Yadav’s father Mulayam Singh Yadav is under scrutiny for the disproportionate assets case and who but the law minister can control his fate? – Again Quid pro quo.

Third and the today’s allegation made is the best political satire of recent times. Kejriwal makes the entire system mock at itself by getting hold of the opposition President Nitin Gadkari’s collar charging him for taking undue favours from the Maharashtra govt. in the allotment of land that was acquired from the Vidarbha farmers for so-called “public purposes”. And that too in a collusion with the ruling party’s leader, Ajit Pawar. Again – you know what.


In future months or years, I am expecting a change in the history of the country. No. It is not a corrupt free nation I expect to see. That even our civil society jhanda walaas can’t assure. I see a state and a country where the politicians will be united very soon to do something together for the first time – throw this “bugger” out of the picture.

Its a call my dear people. For you and me, for the entire country which has been complaining for decades now. We wanted something to happen right? We can’t afford to keep quiet now. And there will be more controversies – political parties trying to subdue him like they did with Binayak Sen. People are coming out of their comfort zones. But these many won’t be enough. All my India against Corruption crusaders, you must – MUST get ready to face the real challenge. I can see a war coming. All I am interested in is to see who is more powerful. The people or the people elected by these people.