Pain for those who can bear it?

by shalinijena

For God’s sake – She is just 16.

We hate them. These rapists. We want them to get the highest degree of punishment. We want them to be hanged. Yes, we are that sensitive part of the world who are not proud of our manliness or ignorant about another woman’s pain. It could have been us, we think and if given a chance we WILL act against it. Won’t we?

The weird part it is never us. Never say never , true. But usually, all the pain, the indescribable misery, the torture of living everyday with the humiliation, all of it – is so far faraway. A long gap of space and time has sequestered us from that undying misfortune which never leaves the haunting zone.

Our parents love us. They protect us from the world which has created these monsters. Our parents teach us what is right and wrong. They tell us that looking at a girl dirtily is obnoxious. But who are these “we’s”? You and me? The entire urban population? Bullshit.

Everyday we read, hear and talk about rape, rapists, gang rape  injustice. We hear how the unforgivable miscreant is given bail and is roaming in our own streets – fearless, confident that everything will be taken care of. We hate to know that. We abuse the judiciary for sometime, maybe even talk and blog about it. We will also give it the space in our mind, come together in solidarity for the victim and reason it out with one last sentence – What can we do?

It is not a hundreds of crore scam, it is not a campaign started by the powerful bureaucrats and credible hands of the country, it is not happening to us in our daily lives like corruption, delay in passport or waiting in the sun for hours to get a government paper signed.

It is about a woman, a girl or a child who was minding her own business until a pack of hounds grabbed her from her waist, gagged her mouth, tore her clothes, lifted her legs and allayed every thirst by flushing their manhood into her body. What surprises me about gang-rapes is, 8 people actually come together to agree on nothing but this?

They say it is worse than death. Even the thought of it makes us stumble on our toes. How do they take it? They tell me that God will never give pain to someone who can’t bear it. Is it true? Is it not? Does it even matter? God gave me ears to hear this – to read this – hands that believe me, tremble but go on when it comes to even writing about it. For God’s sake, she was just 16. She was 30, a mother of two. She was harmless, she had no business with you. If she shouted at you, it was only to protect her own dignity. Did it hurt so much that not even ONCE did the human inside yell at you? You are not a saint, but do you agree that you’re human? Or even that thought has deserted you. I pity you. Yes, you – you who obviously is not reading this. You – who is in some part of the world – suffering or not. You – who doesn’t deserve to live.

 I don’t pity the victims. They will either kill themselves or rise from the rubble of past. But these creatures who are so lucky to have two hands to pray and eat, two legs to walk and kneel, two eyes to see and feel and that nose to smell and breathe – are not actually humans. They are the unnamed bastards – sorry – I will not demean the bastards – I have nothing against them. These are the unnamed sons of bitches – no sorry again – I have nothing against bitches. They mind their own business. These are that named and tagged part of the society called rapists who are so far the only section in the world who deserve to be shunned, ostracised and stripped off their lives and yes, without mercy.

Too harsh, am I? No? I know.