Ahem! Kamal Dhamal Malamal! But why?

by shalinijena

Pic courtesy – ndtv

Kamal Dhamal Malamal. What kind of a name is that? The moment Mom told me it is being screened at RSI, my first reaction – You go and watch, ok? Then there was some network disturbance and she just heard Ok. A friend told me its a Priyadarshan’s film, so might not be that bad.

But the name? Seriously? I don’t think so.

Half an hour after I reach home and the folks are all ready and waiting for me. 3 hours later after watching it anyway I immediately start blogging about it. There are two possibilities, either its too good or too bad. Too bad you think?

It actually is unexpected. Because its good. Not great. Not bad. Not ok. Less than ok actually, but not “Not-watchable”.

Kamal Dhamal Malamal is one of those non-cheap, typically Bollywood and a watchable comedy that an easy-to-laugh Indian audience will thoroughly enjoy. I certainly don’t come under that category, but with family it is in fact a really light thing to watch for some convulsive laugh!

Few days back, I think yesterday, I was talking to my friends and one of our lecturers about the importance of elements in cinema. For me, it has always been acting. For many others it is usually a decent storyline, while for most of them it is both. Oh. I know people who can watch any movie which is not “dirty”. Whatever – perceptions differ. I can appreciate a less than decent storyline if the actors know what they are doing. Many people liked the hindi version of the telugu and tamil film, Ek Deewana Tha. I hated it – to the core. You can understand why. If not, then read Tushar A Amin’s review here. Similarly, many people found Aaja Nachle stupid but I liked it. Acting matters – sorry if that is a lot of favouritism. 😉

Kamal Dhamal Malamal is a simple story of a young man (Johnny urf bakri played by Shreyas Talpade) who wants to become a crorepati through lottery. Wait a minute – that is not how the real story starts. Infact I loved the way they set out the very first scene. I was having the Gangs of Wasseypur déjà vu. You remember how they begin with a map and talk about the history?

So, Om Puri (O)and Paresh Rawal (P)were best friends until P ditches O after getting the L called Lottery. So O gets angry, makes P’s girlfriend pregnant and marries her off. Makes sense na? 😛 She makes love to her guy’s best friend. How cool!

Pic coutesy – sulekha.com

So years  later you see Johnny as a lazy bum who lives on his father’s (O) hard work and loves a girl who is (like we did not expect) P’s daughter – played by the pretty – sweet Madhurima Banerjee. Now Johnny wants to marry her but is a pathetic coward. He is afraid of everything, hence popularly called Bakri (Goat). Don’t you think he is symbolic of almost every man’s scared side? Anyway, the girl has three big bulky brothers who hate this Bakri. Like we didn’t expect that either – the typical three brothers concept. “Bollywood!”  and I dramatically sigh.

Neeraj Vora Pic Courtesy – cinebasti.c

Asrani Pic Courtesy – movies.infoonlinepages.com

He gets beaten up by them all the time until the hero enters – yes, brothers, sisters and guys – our own scarecrow Nana Patekar (NP)! An accused murder and rapist who enters an unknown village and by some funny fate ends up in O’s house through Bakri who convinces his family that he is the brother who left them years back. There is a quid pro quo involved here. Bakri wants Kali (NP) to protect his back from the people who keep running after his ass and Kali wants food – Lots of food! Oh. Believe me. You will laugh. And by the way, I loved Asrani, Shreyas and Neeraj Vora’s expressions! God. What actors mahn!

Everything is as expected until the end which you might think is predictable but it is not! So, I will do you a favour and not disclose it. Most of you, actually all of you who haven’t watched it – I wouldn’t recommend you to spend your time for this. If you are jobless, I got better recommendations here. But if you ever come across this film in one of your cable channels or in a random nothing-to-do day, then you can trust me by not avoiding it. Yes, it might not make you feel any better about Bollywood but it will make you laugh.

Are you wondering what the title means? What did you say? No, your not wondering? NOW – are you? Anyway. I have no idea.

Chao! (That’s my friend’s way of saying bye and every time she does that, my reply is “Really!?”) 😛

Ok Seriously, I don’t feel like going. But Goodnight. Or Good morning. Or Good afternoon! Whatever suits you right now.

PS – I just feel like typing something. Argh. Ok. Going. ANDDDDDDDDDDD am Gone.