That high school wala love :)

by shalinijena

Hey love
I love you
I think about you all day
And when the night comes
I crave for your touch

When your there
I forget the world
I care not what people think
I care not what they have to say
When you are there
I am more than myself
I am everything I could not be
When you are there..

Everything seems right
Even the wrong makes sense
Every second without you
I live in pain
Your my drug honey
My pain killer
Your touch is the only antidote of my madness

I wont hurt you
I promise
I wont leave
no matter what you do
whatever you face

I will kiss even when your sick
I will love even when you want to be alone
I will make everything possible
I dont need anything
Just you my love
Just you

That is all I want
That is all I need
That is all I crave for
That is all that makes me happy
That makes me sad
That makes me want to live longer

Hey love
I mean it and you know it
I want to hold you and not let you go
I want you to hold me and not let me go

I want to stop caring about the rest
that doesn’t even matter, for a while
I want to look at you all day
I swear I wont get tired
To hold your hand
and to feel the heat in your body
And I want you to feel mine..

I want to make love
to you..
I am crazy about you sweetheart
So crazy about you..