by shalinijena

One of you having too much of Ex talk?

That is the like the number one question you need to ask. If you are a rebound, then you’ll know that the moment they start talking about the ex and that too in such a way that they don’t want to stop talking about it. If you are going through that, then please talk it out to him or her. Or if you are the one doing that to your partner, then dude/girl – You gotta stop! That is the most horrible thing anyone has to ever go through, specially if you are really in love. And believe me, if you don’t feel like stopping or if you see your partner giving you justifications like “I just want to share everything with you”, then KNOW that you are the rebound. The moment he/she realizes that they will leave or hurt. Don’t let them do that to you. Don’t suffer when you know you are going to.

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Did you get kissed today?

If your partner loves you, then no matter what, wherever you might be, he will want to kiss you. When you hold his hand, he will not only squeeze it back but won’t let go of it until you do. If you want to justify him by saying that there were too many people around, then your just being stupid. No, your not actually, your madly in love. Can’t blame.

♫ then consider me gone..

How long you had to wait?

I am not talking about texting here. That is kind of stupid I believe – “You don’t text me, cos you don’t love me”. No. That is not true. First of all, I need to stop mentioning the word ‘love’ in every other sentence, cos you might not really be in love. “Love grows everyday”, someone told me. Anyways, if he is making you wait for really long, then you need to be a little sceptic. No. Thats not a crime. But he/she might be taking you for granted. And believe me – there are very few people in this world who love taking their partner for granted – it becomes boring after a while.

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Insecure? Are you!

If you haven’t been through the worse, then its time you better be. There is nothing more worse than insecurity. If you feel your partner is making up stories for not spending the day with you. If you feel you want to be with him/her but they are too busy to spare time. If you feel you need to give them space and time, then you need an alarm clock now! Wake up. This is bad news.

Feel the same? Time to be a little more careful. Time for a talk there.
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Is he/she interested in what you do?

Is he/she interested in what you do or what you like to do? Asking is not enough. Don’t feel lucky because he/she listens to you all the time. If you are a girl then you will have a sixth sense – a sense that will tell you if he is really interested or not. About guys, I don’t know. Try talking to any girl-friend about this. Does He/she keep checking your profile on facebook? He doesn’t have to ping you, but does he know what is going on in your profile and not just by chance? Lets not have a gender bias here. When your partner cares about you, he/she cares about everything! And if you feel they don’t, then maybe they are just trying their best to. And believe, one doesn’t try for long.

Did he keeps insisting to spend more time with you and your friends, more than just being alone with you? Listen up – if yes, they he/she is just trying to spend some time with you. They don’t really want to. Don’t talk about it. Leave. That’s the only thing that could save you now.

I haven’t mentioned anything about sexual insecurities here. Not because I want to avoid. It is just that I think this is something that varies from person to person. Many people don’t care about having a good sex life as long as they are madly in love and are loved that way. While for other people, this is a big time priority. Anyways, the point is – it is very important to love and be loved in a relationship. If ever you feel you are trying too hard or your partner is – then don’t ignore it. Break up is not always a solution. But maybe, talking is.
Cheers to you and your lover! And if you are single, then cheers to yourself.

PS- Don’t be ready to mingle as long as you don’t feel deserved or until someone REALLY deserves you (Specially for you girl!).

Thought for the Day:
Alec Baldwin : If something seems too good to be true , it is because it is probably not.
~ To Rome with Love.