Not-a-forever love story

by shalinijena

A love story has a guy and a girl, a place and a set. But how many love stories have something called the Ex? Well, mine had.

He was a broken man and I was a girl with not a care in the world. We meet for the first time at a party, not with the posh-good-lighting ones. It was just a simple birthday party of ten people in a cosy restaurant of Hyderabad. The birthday boy’s brother (yes, that’s him) wore a black shirt looking tall and handsome with a glint in his eye that makes you feel special if they caught yours. I remember posing for a picture with a mocktail in one hand, brushing my hair to set it right with the other.

‘Hey’, he pointed his fingers casually towards me. ‘You look good like that. Leave it as it is na.’ He smiled and I was flattered. Just like that, yes.

He was with his girlfriend who had a permanent grumpy pretty face. He deserved better, we thought. But then, maybe we were just jealous or not?

A year later, after a fierce, tangy, sweet, blandishing and showed off two year relationship they broke up. She abandoned him in the worst stage of his life when he was struggling to live off the uncertainties and unexpected failures that kept coming along. We are humans, we can’t blame. We can just take sides and took his.

A month later that we met again. This time in a book shop where he came with his cousin to buy a “Just Married, please Excuse” by Yashodhara Lal. We chatted for some time and as I was about to leave, he asked me for my number. I joked and said I will tell his girlfriend about it. First he guffawed, followed by his comment on what he called his ‘stupid laugh’ and then for my information he told me that they had broken up.

It was a jolt. Really, it was. See, they were one of those couples who had made it public that they were going to tie the knot as soon as the guy gets settled. This was perhaps the last thing that came into our minds when we thought about them. It was sad, even the look on his face was. The face tried to smile and laugh but there was pain in it, a pain he was trying to get over. I gave him my number and before I reached home, I saw his calls. A butterfly fluttered in my stomach and I was alarmed.

Watch out. My heart said. I was having wobbly feeling about this. Good or bad, I do not know, but then I live in the moment and so I let it go.

My short story is about our love that might have been fast and immature and crazy and almost flattering, but it is perhaps the most incredible thing that could happen to any girl. Believe me, if you were me, you would have never let him go.

Yes, it’s a heart breaking story. But when the heart breaks, it does because you lost something very amazing, something you never wanted to part with. This story is about that sweetest and the most beautiful part of my life. You will be charmed by the love it will show you and yes, if you have a heart then you will enjoy this– anytime!