by shalinijena

Scarlett Johansson

Call someone more sexy and sensuous who can still act like her and I will be all hands for a bet there. She is a package sent from heaven – beauty, talent and a third dimension called breathtaking! Her character in the film was one of the most rooted ones. Here we are looking at a girl who wants to do what she wants in life, who is impulsive and anything but decent. She is fun, she is frolic, she is a fantasy – but not the most difficult one to reach out to. She has made mistakes in life, she has believed the wrong people because she seeks out for happiness in those moments of promises that they give her. Yes, she lives in the moment. She might not say that she needs financial security in life, but she does and because she gives herself completely, the same happiness that lifts her from her ground, also breaks her heart to a million pieces over. Here Nola is one of the few characters apart from Sarah in Little Children and Clementine in Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind that I really relate to.

Scarlett Johansson as Nola Rice

Luck matters

There is no one good and no one bad in the film. The evil is inside everyone. The film is about the survival of the fittest – about luck being the controller of major part of our lives.

“Its scary to think so much is out of control. There are moments in the match when the ball hits the top of the net, for a split second it can either go forward or fall back. With a little luck, it goes forward and you win. Or maybe it doesn’t and you lose.”

That – are the opening lines of the film. You would never think what Woody Allen thought while making the film until the very last scene. Praise God. For making people who can make a films like this, with themes that force you to think, compare and admire.

Chris as Alec’s Tennis coach in the beginning of the film

What genre is this again?

Shall I call it a rom-com or a thriller? The film gives you a space in time while the action is on which enables you to speculate about the very nature of the story. Chris gets Nola pregnant. Will he leave his sweet – boring wife, Chloe for a more passionate but penniless relationship? Ofcourse the latter makes more sense. But with Chloe he gets to live a stable life  – a secured one. Is he ready to start all over again with the impatient, impulsive, tortuously seductive Nola? It is not about right and wrong, it is about Chris and his priority in life. Love, lust or money? Some say money is a powerful aphrodisiac. Is it?

Chloe’s character

It is a little hard to describe why I loved Chloe’s character so much. From the beginning they show her as this sweet girl who loves people for who they are and likes to help and be there for them in time of need. When she meets Chris, she is instantly interested and believe me Woody Allen almost let that go unnoticed. She himself very sweetly, even if not smartly takes up the topic of giving him tour in the new city. She later does everything she can to convince her dad into helping Chris in the corporate world. But here is a character who is sweet and rich – a perfect marriage material. Chris loved her, but never fell in love with her. But she is one of those girls who men can’t hurt, no matter how much they might want to leave.

Chloe and Chris in “their budding relationship” days

Chris and Chloe’s Apartment!

Your dream house. Believe me. Cosy. Not big, not small. Wooden floors. Glass walls. And a beautiful view. I remember pausing the film to have a good look at the apartment! A perfect house for a newly settled couple. It is comfortable and gives a feel of peace. I am sure if Chris did any good in his life, the house has a major contribution there.