♫ Adele!

by shalinijena

You might have heard this a hundred times over by now. You might even be bored listening to it again and again. I know how addictive she can be. But still I couldn’t help sharing. Adele’s “Someone Like You” breaks my heart to a million pieces over. How can someone be so perfect? You don’t even have to read between the lines. The pain in her voice gives away every sore emotion in her heart. I can feel her pain. All her songs in the album 21 are about that man who she loved wildly, about that one who couldn’t give it all back. I feel sad only for sometime until I wonder – What the hell! If it wasn’t for him, who would have deserved the Grammy’s more?

My friend plays “Set fire to the rain” in her guitar. Someday I will share her voice. You’ll love it! We enjoy singing it together, at the top of our voices (that includes waking everyone up after midnight), but she doesn’t mind. No matter how bad I sing, she never stops me. Not that I would – because I love singing! Anyways, what a chatter I am. Here’s Adele for you again.

There this classical cover by Aston band I came across recently. What a treat to my ears!

P.S – This is just an additional song. Just feel like sharing. God. I am in mood of all the miserable heart breaking (but beautiful)songs. However this video (of “The one that got away”) is kind of disturbing. I mean,what the hell! She is 60 plus and still couldn’t get over him. Bullshit. Anyways – Katy Perry – I don’t love your songs, but this one reminds me of my lost love, so cheers! [Click here]