Barfi! Why did you do this?

by shalinijena

If I call it magical, it will be an understatement.

The first time I saw it, yeah, that’s what I thought it was – magical. Barfi! – Another word for #AllSmiles.

I loved it. Unrealistically realistic as it was, I still loved it. The yellow tinge, the typical rom-com music, the flashback and present day effects (the hoardings of the murfy radio that fades in to the present day cycle ad), the dialogues that said nothing, the expressions! Even in the most emotional scenes the film manages to make you smile. In one of the scenes when he comes to ask for Ileana’s hand for marriage and is deeply hurt to see her with the fiancé. The expressions that followed next can make you cry but right when the sequence ends, Barfi had to cuddle his dad on bed and sleep on the heaving belly of his!

The film gives a happy feeling, a reason to keep smiling throughout, shed a few tears and cover them up with even more smiles. I have no words to describe Ranbir Kapoor. He was acting less, performing even lesser. He was actually there, right there and his name was Barfi! Not for a second did he make me blink my eyes! Anurag Basu wouldn’t have opted for a better co-star. I want to kiss Priyanka Chopra and tell her that she is not only going to make it big, but if she gets the right movies, then she is going international! But then millions of people are showering all that on her. So like a hyderabadi, I will take it ‘light’.

When you give such comments and more, there is one thing that plagues your mind just like it did mine. We are talking about Bollywood here. No matter how positive a person I might be, if I don’t have faith in growth of anything, that would be Bollywood. I am not a cynic, but please go through the list of the films made in a decade, there is hardly anything to be proud of. And even if there is, “our” (Indian) audience doesn’t feel the same.

I did not doubt the Bollywood’s incapability in making popular cinema until Anurag basu made Barfi. And everyone, from the optimists to the cynics, from film buffs to seldom movie goers – everyone came together to watch, applaud and love the film. Cheers to the makers! We all said. Finally Bollywood is doing some good.

The first time I watched it, I could not make out if a scene was unintentional because the similarity was too stark to miss to what I saw in the film “The Notebook”. This is where Ileana’s mother takes her on a ride to the woods and talks about her lost love. Even the last scene where they die together. I was not ok with those two sequences but still I chose to ignore it. Because apart from that, the film looked so genuine, like another Forrest Gump.

And all that made me the happiest film buff ever until I saw this –

It was almost more depressing than any break up!

It was plagiarism. It was crime and it was “not – a – big -deal” for the audience of India. And ofcourse the makers of the film know that and that is why the film lost all respect in my eyes. “A collage of different films”, someone called it. Could not agree more, could not get any less irritated by the sound of it. How can such things be even accepted? And the stupid jury of the stupidest country ever (that passes FDI – out of the topic, but whatever) sends it to the oscars. !!.  Any shame? What are you proud of as Indians man! The film is not inspired for God sake. It is a total RIP OFF. And that is not only wrong – THAT is ethically WRONG.

No matter what I say and what anyone else says, people will still love Barfi!. Even, I wish I could but now its almost impossible. What can I say? The best film ever made in my country is a copy of ideas. What a disaster man..

Nevertheless, I don’t want to look at the bad side and be a cynic again. Forgive me, lately life has been a little cruel. So I will talk about the good things now – The characters were adorable! The performance made me cry at the end. The script, so beautifully written. I do appreciate the lamp post scenes and the beauty of the execution of the cycle – tram sequences. The originality of the story deserves awards. And still there goes the “but” – which says that it is a great film BUT still not commendable or anything even close to of what we should be proud of.

Anyways, Here goes my favourite song in the film  with the most amazing lyrics by Swanand Kirkire. Thanks to him and Shreya Ghoshal & Nikhil Paul George’s beautiful voice that we have this in our playlist now. Not in yours? Add it! Have a goodnight everyone. God bless YOU. God bless all of US.