by shalinijena

It still lingers somewhere
Your first kiss
That first time
when you touched my lips

That lingers somewhere
In my mind, heart and everywhere
It comes like a wind
And disappears when I open my eyes
Yet it lingers somewhere
That first kiss

That day was never a plan
I was alone and you came along
Across we sat
Our knees almost touching
I felt your eyes
On my face and everywhere else
I felt it all but I sat so still
I made sure u knew not
what I really think

Our knees now brushed
And I went stiff
You brushed it again
With a faint smile on your lips

Slowly you reached for my hand
And you caught my breath
I swore to God
As I closed my eyes
I felt your warm breath
So close to my face
You lingered for a while
looking or not I can’t really say

And then what seemed like a sigh
came like the lightest wind
Our lips touched
And fingers twined
Cheeks blushed
and the heat that climbed

But then there is tomorrow
And even if your not here
And even if I am not waiting for you
There is no train of hopeless wish
And because I know this might never happen again
Here I am recording the memory of our first kiss..