Kasturba’s first day at Office.

by shalinijena

First day in the office is always described as the worst or the best ever. For Kasturba it was neither. She didn’t think it was anything at all. No one knew her and vice versa. Amidst the crowd and the noise she felt alone, not lonely, alone. She knew they wanted to talk to her. She knew they were curious. They thought she was someone different. As much as she liked the thought of it, the pretense made her uncomfortable. She was quiet because she knew not what to say, not because she was “different”. She tried to talk, but all that she said made no sense, not even to her. So she decided to maintain that low profile that seemed to work for a while. For a while is ok. Because she knew she wouldn’t be like this forever.

People were working, typing, ordering, drinking coffee and working more. She looked around and stared at her own computer screen. Her cubicle was near the window. The thought that for the rest of the days she would be sitting in the same place with the view of the entire city outside, made her very happy. She would have friends to talk to, to drink coffee with, to have fun with and to make memories with. She smiles to herself and wonders if she could make a good philosopher like in Hollywood movies. And now she laughs at herself. How self-obsessed are you Kasturba!?

She is fiddling with her hair, staring at the agreement paper in front of her and reading none of it, when her clip that was dangling loosely on the strands of her hair falls. She bends down to pick it up when a head bangs into hers.

Wo! Surprised she looks up.

Sorry! Your clip. One of the colleague’s stops to pick it up for her. As she looks up at him from her desk chair, he is standing there smiling, her clip in his right hand and his left one supporting him against the desk – she notices her fellow colleague who sits behind her table for the first time in four hours. He has sharp features, not really fair, but a charming smile and a glint in his eyes when he blushed.

Thanks.. She said and smiled back at him.

That’s ok. He says, still smiling, nods his head a little when she takes her clip from his hand and walks away. Why didn’t he introduce himself, she thought. Maybe he has a lot of attitude stored up within that masked pretty face.

Pretty face! She is already finding him pretty!

She decides to shrug it off but couldn’t help noticing him. She is frustrated now, at herself actually. She didn’t have friends and now the last thing she wanted was to have a random crush. As she looks out of the window again, she hears a thud somewhere in the hall. Abruptly she looks around and catches his eye in this far end of the room. They linger on her face for some more time, unsmiling and strangely intent, not flirtatious or may be, but she turned before it made her uncomfortable.

Now thats a bad start.