Movie-ing Complicated Romance

Now this list something hard to justify. How can it not be? Love itself is sometimes a vague concept. But then love is everywhere, even serial killers love what they do. This post is about complicated romance. It should be a genre I think. There is romance which might be subtle or passionate but it is not always a love story. Nevertheless, they have come up to be one of my favourite films of all times. I hope you enjoy them too.

Best Films Based on Complicated Romance :

Little Children (2006) – 

Affair. Sex Offender. Ex-Police Officer.

A story revolving around four people in one locality. Two of them are married to different people and are in an obsessed sexual relationship. The third protagonist a child sex offender who has just been released from the jail, lives alone with his old mother and is shunned by the entire society because of his criminal record. The fourth story is of an ex-policeman who is put down by his department and people after an inadvertent situation that changes his life. The stories interweave like one in our daily lives. We meet everyday. We either get affected or we don’t. A very close introspection into reality. Do watch it.

A very long Engagement (2004)

Engaged. War. French

Now this is one of the most unusual war movies you will come across. The story is about a girl who is engaged to a man who is out into war and after it is all over, she is hopeful of his return, because there has been no concrete proof that he is dead. There is no beauty in bloodshed I know but here the film takes you through hope and desperation with Mathilde and at the end of it, it comes to the level of breathing the air with her. When you want to find something, you need to truly want it. That’s what I learned from A very long engagement. A heart warming as well as soul disturbing trio of romance, drama and war, this is perhaps the most distinguishing cinema of its kind. I loved it – to the core.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Break up. Erased Memories. Sci-fi

For many this can be easily listed as one of the best cinemas ever. For me too, actually. I have entirely different reason though (You can check for them here). Anyways, so the story is a complete off beat because it is definitely science fiction but on the grounds of realism where an confused and estranged couple try to remove each other from their memories. Beautifully made, the story will intrigue you while you hold on to your seat of what might happen next. Watch it if you like romance and off beat stuff. Actually, it is not possible to really not – like this film. You don’t get an 8.4 on imdb for nothing.

The lives of others (2006)

Political. Theatre. German

A film that deals very closely with the relationship between politics and art in Germany in 1984. An agent of Secret police is conducting a surveillance without their knowledge between a writer and his lover, who is a famous actress. From the dirtiness of politics to the purity of art, everything so typical, yet mesmerizing to watch. Beautiful cinema! It is a dream to be able to be able to watch films made like them, let alone make one. As the agent HGW XX/7 becomes more and more absorbed into their lives, there are unexpected things that tend to happen and the only person who can make a difference to it all is him. Watch the movie for falling in love with Foreign cinema if not for anything else!

Lost in Translation (2003)

Strangers. Americans. Tokyo

The story of a once of upon a time star and a young married lady who meet in another part of the world in Tokya, walking among the people, but lost amidst them. The characters dwell so deep onscreen that it feels almost anyone watching it can relate. The young wife is afraid that she might never figure out her life and yet seems to have no regrets. The filmstar is smiling everyday, the mask on his face gives away none of his pain and loneliness. And together, they live some of the beautiful moments of their life, only to get back to their daily ones and start doing what they do everyday… Cinema at its best!


R rated

Who steals the show?

Little Children (2006)


Kate Winslet

A very long Engagement (2004)


 Audrey Tautou

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)


Kate Winslet

Jim Carrey

The lives of others (2006)


 Ulrich Mühe

Lost in Translation (2003)

Yes and No

 Bill Murray

 Scarlett Johansson

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One comment

  1. except Lost in Translation, I have seen the rest 4.. Actually I m not much into romance genre irrespective of the language. There are some rare exceptions like Eternal Sunshine of Spotless mind, Amelie. I even wished to go for a memory erase (for some personal reasons) after watching Eternal sunshine.

    A very long engagement is a very longgg movie.. !!! nevertheless its one of the best romance drama..And I love all french movies because of the colorful locations.
    (even I liked the worst made tamil flick Engeyum Kathal just because it is set in paris)

    The Lives of Others is a political thriller rather than a romance tale IMO.

    Good list… And I suggest The English Patient, one of the best romance drama I have ever seen…

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