Because I just watched Hotel Rwanda…

by shalinijena

When the American reporter is walking away in the rain, from the hotel because all the foreigners are supposed to evacuate, an African employee of the hotel runs behind him holding up an umbrella on his head. The American begs him not to; he says he is so ashamed.

Millions of people were getting killed. Genocide which made news but no one heard of. Hitler still killed the whites but when the blacks go through the same no one hears of it. Of course I don’t mean anyone. There are one in a million people who do care and make a difference. Who are we? Who am I? Are we ashamed? The hell we are…

We watch, we remember but we chose to forget, because there is nothing we can do. To do something we need a heart. I don’t think we have that. Films like Hotel Rwanda get into the core of our hearts. They make emotions stronger, even make you cry but then we are humans. We get over everything. I am not complaining. Maybe that is how it is supposed to be.

And maybe it is not… We all want to do something. We all want peace. Then where is it? Where does it all start from? Why do men kill? Why do women get raped? Why blacks are the dirt and whites are pure? Why do we think like this? Maybe I was wrong that we are God made. God won’t do that to us.

We have not seen wars. And we might never get a chance to. Let’s thank God for that or maybe not. We are in the better part of the world. We live in security. There are people, great people above us, who do negotiations protect us from a situation like this. Yes, they do. Let’s thank them. Let’s be people. Not cynics. Let’s thank God for what we have and pray for them who have loved and lost and lived everyday with that loss. Let’s thank God for keeping them alive.

I didn’t know I believed in God. Maybe I am just too sensitive. Maybe movies make me believe in humanity and also make me hate it. But what can I do? What can you do? Donate money? You are not even sure if you should trust the people you are donating to. Maybe we should get out there. Not every war sheds blood. But anyways, I am just ranting, before I become emotionless again.

At the end of the movie, the song and music were a blessing to my ears. With little children on the backdrop and with perhaps one of the best lyrics I have heard so far, it was just tragically amazing. But I would recommend you to watch the film and not stop after the movie is over. Let the credits roll by and listen to the song. It’s too beautiful.

Million voices by wyclef jean lyrics:

Ni ryari izuba, Rizagaruka, Hejuru yacu,
Ni nd’ uzaricyeza ricyeza.

[When will the sun return above us?]
[Who will reveal it once again to us?]

Rwanda, Rwanda,
Yeah Rwanda, Rwanda.

They said: “Many are called and few are chosen,”
But I wish some wasn’t chosen
for the blood spilling of Rwanda.

They said: “Meshach, Shadrack and Abednego,
Thrown in the fire but you never get burned,”
but I wish that I didn’t get burned in Rwanda.

They said: “The man is judged according to his works,”
so tell me Africa, what’s your worth?

There’s no money, no diamonds, no fortunes
on this planet that can replace Rwanda…

Rwanda Rwanda

Yeah, Rwanda Rwanda

These are the cry of the children

Rwanda Rwanda

Anybody hear my cry?

If America, is the United States of America,
Then why can’t Africa, be the United States of Africa?

And if England, is the United Kingdom,
Then why can’t Africa unite all the kingdoms
and become United Kingdom of Africa?

Rwanda Rwanda, Rwanda Rwanda
Yeah, yeah.

These are the cries of the children, yeah.

Can anybody out there hear our cries?

Yeah, heavens cry … Jesus cry.

Lord, did you hear us calling you?
Yeah, Rwanda Rwanda,

Lord, did you hear us calling?
Can you do something in Rwanda?

Rwanda Rwanda, Rwanda Rwanda

I’m talkin’ ’bout Jesus; talkin’ ’bout
Rwanda Rwanda Rwanda

Talkin’ ’bout … talk’n ’bout …
Talkin’ ’bout … talk’n ’bout … talk’n ’bout …

I wanna play my guitar for Rwanda….

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