Movie-ing crime and drama

by shalinijena

The man that does not fear punishment, little regards crime
Maxims and moral reflections – Norman Macdonald

Some films are close to our heart and some are not. Crime with drama is one of the genres that I don’t relate to a lot, not even in my fantasies. Films like Pulp Fiction (1994) and Goodfellas (1990) are great cinema, made in a time and by people who have made history. I have watched and applauded the surpassing efforts and brilliance but I am sorry, I cannot relate a lot, even in the imaginary way. I am sure there are hundreds of fans who have a better view-point on that.

And that is why in this week’s list, I have scribbled down the names of best crime and drama based movies that are one of the best ever films made in the cinematic history and all these films are the ones I can relate to, even if not in real life, in my imaginary reel…

Godfather I (1972)
Marlon Brando. Family. Italy

I wanted to write ‘Trilogy’ instead of part I but then that would be three films. Anyone would suggest you to watch all the three films if you haven’t already. Yes, Godfather is epic and you have to know that! But I am suggesting the first part because it is the ‘first part’ (as in if you don’t watch, then you won’t understand). I am asking you to watch it because it is the BEST part. From the italian music to Marlon Brando’s potrayal of the prodigious Godfather and the plot could not be better with Al Pacino playing the reluctant son and heir of the undercover empire.

The shawshank Redemption (1994)
Prison. Crime. Redemption

Let me present you the best film ever made – who says that? From the most trusted imdb to rotten tomatoes to all the film journals that talk about cinema. I don’t need to describe why this film needs to watched, others have done it. It is about banker and criminal Andy who is convicted of murdering his wife and her lover who befriends the drug-dealer Red and together they find freedom in the prison through redemption. With a surprising ending, philosophically the film speaks a lot more than it shows. Must watch.

The Dark Knight (2008)
Batman. Joker. Gotham

The best film of the Batman series made till date. I loved TDKR too but what made the movie so anticipated before the release this year was the legendary-ness of the The Dark Knight. The Joker is missed. No one but Heath Ledger can look, act and make believe the evil! Batman is already famous for being the only superhero story without supernatural powers and this film beat all the previous records by coming out to be one of the best rated movies ever. If you haven’t watched the first film, Batman begins then I would recommend you to watch, but it is also fine if you don’t. Unlike films like Harry Potter or Godfather, The Dark Knight of the Batman series can be watched any time!

City of God (2002)
Rio de Janeiro. Drugs. Brazil

From the screenplay to the cinematography, City of God is easily one of the best films ever made when it comes to crime based cinema. The film is based on the life of two boys who are brought up in a violent neighbourhood but chose two different occupations. One becomes a photographer and the other a drug dealer. Their lives are very typical, they start and end in a typical way. But what is extraordinary is its story telling. You will be amazed and astonished by the detailing. Worked for me!

Léon: The Professional  (1994)
Little Girl. Love. Crime.

Of all the aforesaid list, this will definitely stand out. One of my favourite films and with Natalie Portman who is a twelve year old in the film. The story unfolds itself in the most unusual manner with unusual characters making it an extraordinary hit! Here is a story where the grave hitman teaches a 12 year old how to “clean” and a protects this complete stranger girl from all possible dangers as he eventually falls in love with her. As far as I know, all the people who I have recommended Leon have loved it, so you got my point. Not to be missed!

Film IMDB rates Best Known films By Director (List)
Godfather I (1972) 9.2

Top 2/250

Francis Ford Coppola
The Godfather: Part II (1974)
Apocalypse Now (1979)
The Godfather: Part III (1990)
The conversation (1974)


The shawshank Redemption (1994) 9.3

Top 1/250

Frank Darabont
The Green Mile (1999)
The Walking Dead (2010)
The Mist (2007)


The Dark Knight (2008) 8.9

Top 8/250

Christopher Nolan
Inception (2010)
The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
Memento (2000)


City of God (2002) 8.7

Top 20/250

Fernando Meirelles
The Constant Gardener (2005)
Léon: The Professional  (1994) 8.7

Top 32/250

Luc Besson

Taken (2008)