Movie-ing Feel Good Romance

by shalinijena

I remember watching Garden State and at the end of it going completely gaga over it, specially after the last song “Let Go”. About that balmy night I wrote a post too. You can check here. There are many films from The Princess Bride (1987) to Pursuit of Happiness ( 2006) that have made us feel so great. There are other films like Wizard of Oz that can take you to completely different world. I love that feeling. When I watch something wonderful made by a group of determined, creative people, it is not just the cinematography or script that I appreciate – it is that familiar ‘feel good-ness’ that I used to have in my childhood and it that feeling I love the most. Don’t you?

Well, of course you do, we all do. And that is why this week (For last week post’s info, check this) I am listing some of my favourite romantic films that made me feel very good about future, love and may be just life and the whole point of living.. Yes, they had such effect on me, hope they affect you too. Enjoy!

Life is beautiful –
Romance. Nazi. Italy.

Easily one of the best films I have ever watched. The characters are a gift to human existence! Romantic, selfless, sweet and magical – that is how I define this beautiful film which makes you feel how wonderful life can be. It is about a simple Jewish man who falls in love with a non – Jewish Italian lady from an aristocrat family about to marry her arrogant fiancée. Dora falls fall Guido and runs away with him only to live a beautiful life with their son Giosuè. The film is based during the period of second world war and I guess you smart people have already guessed that because of the mention ‘jews’. Now Guido

must use his charm and charismatic persona to save his son from the Nazi camp and make him believe they were safe to keep him safe. You will love me all your life, for recommending you this film. So watch it!

Forrest Gump 
Forrest Gump. Tom Hanks. Romance. 

The film has made the concept of intelligent or witty protagonists a passé. A ‘stupid’ man has travelled the entire world mostly on the whims of his desire which are more influenced by the situations he faces. Loveliness is what defines the film for me. I loved it more because of the simplicity of the story, the off-beat nature of the concept. The story is not what is different, the character is. He loves one woman all his life, a woman who comes and goes from his life, who loves him but wants different things in life. The film is a story and probably one of the best and sweetest ones written when it comes to ‘feel goodness’ of cinema.

Naive. Love. Paris

Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain. Funny, sweet, a lover’s paradise. The beauty of the film lies in its characters, in its dialogues, in the every scene which screams how beautiful life is, how little things matter. Human life is conventionally complicated. We all take part in it. This film is about an innocent, simple girl in this complicated world. You will find is funny, weird sometimes but most of all, it will make you smile. It will make your heart smile, just like it did mine!

Before sunset
Conversations. Romance. Paris

Paris is like the landmark of love. I agree completely. There was a time when I dreamt of walking in the streets of dim-lit Paris, meeting a random stranger and making love all night. Before sunset is film more like a conversational genre which actually is a sequel of another film by the same director as well as actors made and based on after 9 years of gap from a romantic one night. It is actually difficult to chose which is better between two, even imdb could not decide. But I would chose this one more than its prequel because of the middle-aged and jaded characters who make more sense in very cynical and interesting way. Lovely film – something very, very close to my heart also.

The Artist
Silent. Romance. Paris

It won the Oscar. It made its audience crazy with admiration. It became one of the best silent cinemas of all times in a world which had forgotten about it. The sweet and tangy story of a silent movie star who is not ready to give up the art in for the sake of technology. I loved the film! Many people know about it but haven’t yet taken a step to watch, may be because the posters are b/w and have the ‘old-movie’ tinge. Well, I felt the same. I watched it on a day when I had nothing to do. Yes, me. Me – who claims herself to be a wannabe movie buff. And I loved it! I smiled and smiled so much! Now how many films can make you so happy? Don’t believe me, watch it for the wise men and women in the oscar jury!

Film IMDB rates Oscar Accolades
Life is Beautiful (1997) 8.5 Won for Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Foreign Language Film and for Music, Original Dramatic Score
Forrest Gump (1994) 8.7 Won for Best Actor in a Leading Role, Director, Effects, Visual Effects, Film Editing, Picture and for Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published
Amélie (2001) 8.5 Nominated for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Cinematography, Foreign Language Film, Sound and for Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen.
Before sunset (2004) 8.0 Nominated for best writing and adapted screenplay.
The Artist (2011) 8.2 Won for Best Actor in a Leading Role, Motion Picture of the Year, Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Score, Direction and for Costume Design

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