Cocktail – Definitely not a review.

by shalinijena

First of all, I need to justify why the post is not about The legendary-ness of The dark Knight rises but about the recent half cooked story with nothing but raw masala called Cocktail.

The film is doubtlessly a bad one. For one, the lack of the details irritated me throughout. Second, even the part were the acting could be appreciated is overshadowed by the confusion in the plot of the second half and THE Diana Penty’s ridiculous performance. Even after a point of time, you feel whatever is wrong with the director. The movie doesn’t need a known Hero. It needs a good actor who looks younger because that is how you can justify him to be that stupid.

So what am I here for?

I write when something affects me. I write when I am thinking and thinking so hard that till I pour it all down into words that I really mean, nothing can make me feel any better. Yes, that is how much the character of Veronica got into me. I don’t say I loved her; it is rather a contentious point to discuss about. In fact she intrigued me, both in a way I can relate like no one else and contradictorily in a way that I found so unrealistic.

When Imtiaz Ali wrote the film, he must have had the character of Veronica in his mind throughout. And whoever he related or based her on in the real life, he definitely didn’t know what to make her do in the end or else he had to alter the story for the sake of Bollywood commercial needs. I am not assuming. (Yes I am, because it’s a free country.)

The independent, living-for-the-moment girl, Veronica… She is hot, she is cool, she is caring and she is the best. Everyone loves her and they all want to be with her. She is the type who people adore with a lot of ‘but’s’. She is the type who is clear on the outside and insanely conflicted in the head. She expects from people, but she won’t let them know that. She has a beautiful heart but a confused mind which is impulsive, moody. She knows how awesome she is that when she fell in love with her boyfriend, she just could not think why he wouldn’t love her back.

It was disturbing. The movie talks about a girl who has never had a real family. That, I believe is incorporated in the script because of the typical Indian mentality. They didn’t want to show a girl from a nice, stable family who is so disoriented in life and seems to like it nevertheless. She respects her freedom and doesn’t like to get into named relationships because they bring more complications, demand total commitment with so much less fun to exploit life. She lives in the moment. True. But here’s a girl who is ok feeling girly sometimes. Accepting what she wants even if that is not what “defines” her. After she meets and comes uncannily close to her live-in-relationship partner, Gautam and his mother, she suddenly wants all that she never thought she would ever want. And that is when complications take shape.

But we are humans. We slip. Not every time we fall but most times we do. At the end it’s always the “good-girl” who wins. And why shouldn’t she? She is the good one. Why am I talking about all this?

I am just trying to figure out where I stand. I am just trying to be ready to face all that I know I will. The life I want to live in my terms will come with more confusion and may be misery, but I know it will be good, like it is now, with nothing to regret. I will always do what I want to, not what I need to, I know that. May be that is not a good thing, but do I care? I am trying to get used to the fact that the concept of ever-happy life is certainly not made for people like me and Veronica. We cannot hide our feelings. It is almost like a boon and a bane.

But I cannot talk about everything, things that I feel right now, at this moment-not here. I thought I will but I have reached the end of the post and I am afraid to talk, because if I do then most of the people reading this will end up judging me. And I have had enough for now. May be someday I will get used to it and stop caring the way I do for most things. But for now, I want to get out of this contemplation, leaving a clear example of all the confusion in my head.

Sometimes, it is just tiring. Today seems to be one of those days. But I will get over  it, like I always do…