The road taken..

by shalinijena

Things are changing
The life that I loved
is now bound in chains
The love I had
is like a duty so vain..

I am tired
Of the routine
I need something new

I wonder where I had been
all this time
If I was trying
Then why do I feel so lost
The solace I needed
came and left
I didn’t notice so
And now I am so confused

I wonder where I belong
yes, I am still on the climb
Not on the mountains
Not along the steep hills
I am on a road
taken so many times
The road
That lays no stones
No pavement and no bones

The road that is taken
And is new
every time they walk on it
The road that is wide
For too many people
That now
it doesn’t seem like I could fit

I am not afraid
I am merely blank
The dark shadows call me in
And I push myself away
Away from its lure
But how long?
I cannot say
But then
I am not so sure..