Why the pointless hype? #TheDarkKnightRises

by shalinijena

I used to be a sad kid. I never watched cartoons or read comics. When people used to talk about spiderman, I would wonder what they liked about the red clad clown. Yes, I know I was a tasteless kid. For heaven’s sake, even Tom and Jerry never fascinated me! I started liking them all when I grew up. When the intellectual thoughts of perceiving superhero as some demigod made sense to me, I realized the fun I had missed in my childhood.

So, basically I have never had love for any of the supernatural heroes. I in fact watched my first ever  superhero when the makers of spiderman realeased its third part in 2007 and that too in a theater that played the show once a day which I have to add was dubbed in hindi. I hated it. I came back home that evening, cycled a kilometer to get DVDs on rent and watched all the parts. Not out of the sheer love of it, but out of curiosity – to be able enough to at least talk about it. Because those days it was only spiderman that people talked about, at school, tuition and even the cool “elders”. I knew it was a hype and even though I cared least about them, I watched and I praised. And that was because when I didn’t, their reactions irritated me.

I came to Hyderabad. And I was so glad to meet people like me. Sad people, but still. I had company. They didn’t raise their eyebrows when I said I didn’t like superheroes in funny costumes. I didn’t really mind watching them, for example, I like the iron man and also The Avengers. Everything was perfect and I was learning about films, watching more and more of them every week and every day. I was happy. I was finally coming somewhere to be one of those people who can atleast talk about cinema and understand what the real film-buffs are preaching about. I was glad and a little proud of myself for catching up with “the mentality”.

And when my happiness was swelling into pride, then came the batman. And all that was gathered deflated into a rubber extension. The Dark Knight rises – they called it. At first, I thought it was something I could ignore. People might be making faces reading this. Well, the point is I was wrong. You cannot ignore the batman just like you cannot ignore Harry Potter. In fact, even more than that!

Batman is a symbol of perfection and righteousness – a normal man trained by the League of Shadows who does all extra-ordinary things. Harry Potter was considered fictitious, even by his lovers and fans, but batman is not… I learnt that. And that familiar sense of panic of not knowing something important crept into me. It was like a fever. He was all people talked about. And I was miserable. I couldn’t even say that I knew nothing of the Batman. Not knowing about Harry Potter is like something to be proud of (at least for of the “intelligentsia”), but Batman is someone you look up to. 

In a few days I watched both the parts and of course, I loved them. Joker became my favorite character of all times and I was finally able to talk about it. Everyone was going crazy, all of them so desperate to watch the dark knight rise. I forgot for sometime that I was not even a fan but a regular lover of good cinema. Despite knowing that, I became so crazy that I would hover on the internet for hours from bookmyshow to inoxmovies waiting for the bookings to open, so that I could grab a seat before the crazy mob gets to it. It was like waiting for relief in the flood. I knew I could watch it some other day, but I didn’t want to. Suddenly I wanted to do what the mob wanted. I wanted to be the first one to see it.

It is pointless. And moronic. It makes me feel better to acknowledge it. The only excuse I can give is that I was a sad kid who did not read comics. Whenever I am too excited, I end up in disappointment. I will tomorrow, I know. Because despite the fact that I am not a Batman fan, I am pretty jumpy. The mob psychology, I believe. It is an insult but I would rather not be ashamed of it. Whatever, waiting for tomorrow, when it will finally end…