“Ye aadat nahi, ye ek nasha hai”

by shalinijena


You are smart, young individuals of the country. You say you are pressurized. You say life is one and that you want to enjoy it to the fullest. You say you don’t care what others think about you.

You don’t say. You lie.

And I am one of you and so are many like me who have promised something to ourselves and this society. We have promised not because we are afraid to “experience”, but instead to save ourselves, to protect our families from getting hurt, to live a life that is not controlled by a liquid that makes no sense and to stand by something that we preach, hear and read about every day. That is the least we can do. So I say why not?

Many of us drink, but we don’t drink and drive. Others drink and also drive but convince us that they are alright, but still they get into trouble and they call that an experience. What if that trouble becomes a murder? Your parents might manage to get you out of it, but can you live with it for the rest of your life? And if you can, then I don’t know how can I try and not be judgmental about you.

This is a very sensitive topic that I have taken today. Something that was always inside me, but the junoon to talk about it was lacking. Today I watched the show Satyameva Jayate and the anguish and pain of teenager Curran’s dad totally disturbed me and so I had to talk…

After days or months or years I don’t want any of the people I know and I care about to go through the consequences of drinking. The pain of losing your loved ones is unbearable and there are so many innumerable stories about them, stories that we so used to now. They are not “experiences” , they are devastating incidents in life which can never heal and can give you nothing but pain. They can make you stronger, only to make you even harder. That is not something you want for yourself, for anyone you know! Hard people look good only in films. And even then we don’t see their pain but how “sexy” they are. How can we not be stupid?

I am not a party person. I don’t like to hang out and drink. I like to hang out and talk. I am that person who doesn’t go pubbing because it is less about dancing and more about getting sloshed and talking ultimate crap and then justifying all of it by saying the next day that you were drunk.

And I am not one of them who is against all of it either. I used to justify ‘drinking’ and ‘getting drunk’ thinking it is the way of life that people like. Who am I to question them? They like it, so let it be. Now I am having second thoughts. If I do question them will it actually make a difference? May be not… Many things affect me, I don’t expect that for everyone. I can just hope and ASK to be careful by making sure that your drinking doesn’t get you drunk. The feeling is great but your actions are not. They just make you more stupid and if you think it helps you get your mind straight, then trust me you will soon realize how wrong you are. And when you do, I hope its not too late.

Today it is fun, tomorrow it might take your life and if God saves you then He will punish you by taking someone else’s. If that can happen to someone else, what makes you think it won’t be you? It is not only others life. It is yours own. If you live, you live like a cast out. And if you die, who kill alive people who care so much about you. The worst part is that when you are drunk, you don’t care about anything at all.

When we do things that we know are not right, why do we do them? Alcohol is one thing that makes amazing sense. It makes sense that you can make no sense out of it. It surprises me to look at the figures it has affected. Let us take a look at our own weird society. We know about the upper classes. Even if the figures of death and accidents are large we still seem to ignore. Ok. No problem. I will ignore for you too. It

doesn’t seem ethically wrong to you? I am with you for now. You drink but you don’t drive. And when you do drink and drive, you think you are all right. I think so too, for now. You are right that it is just harmless fun and it is just for now. Ok. I agree with you, for now.

Just think about the lower economic classes of the society. I guess you agree that domestic violence is not acceptable in any part of the world. And most of it is the result of what? – Drinking. You think what they do is wrong. And what you do is right. They harm people and you don’t. Fair enough. But they are unaware and not as sharp as you. They are not even as cool as you. If they are doing wrong, they how can you be right? I am not asking you to change. I can’t ask that. I am full of flaws myself. But I can ask you to be sensitive and ethical.

Please don’t drink and drive. Don’t travel with people who drive when drunk. Make sure you yourself drink but without getting sloshed. If you are in your senses you will not end up hurting others, physically or emotionally – both of which you have absolutely no right to commit. If you don’t drink but seem to be curious about it then please think again and ‘understand’ your actions. Take care and live life like there is tomorrow, the day after and so much more. Life is more meaningful that way.

Love you guys! Shaj. 🙂