Vicky donor ~ The Reality Howler

by shalinijena

Now there is a Bollywood film that totally deserves a separate exclusive page to talk about. It was witty, smart, talkative and boldly presented with neat details! I am betting on Ayushymann Khurrana this time. Totally going to grab that newcomer’s award. But then we have Ishaqzaade coming up, so I am having my second thoughts. I love this year. I guess 2012 is going to be the last afterall. Bollywood making sensible stuff was in the bygone period. But stereotyping is not me, so I would say no more.

Anyways, Annu Kapoor is already getting brownie points from all over the country! I wouldn’t have imagined anyone else better for the role. Paresh Rawal would have been decent enough, but I guess the film was low budget and the role wasn’t supposed to have a name at the background.

The film was a howler from the beginning till the end! The dialogues were not one-bit hyped, the accent was flawless, the regional disparity too accurate and I absolutely loved our punjabi aunties! And I shouldn’t say this and may be I should – but John Abraham might be the saddest actor made, but he knows where to spend his money! I am as sure as an acid test that the film is already raging in the country.

All the songs are beautifully composed but the Punjabi song sung by our brilliant debutante Ayushmann is already selling itself like never before. I was wondering if the film was too good or the performance or the ‘low expectation’ factor by the audience. May be it is just the sensitive touch in such a bold and usually averted topic with the convulsing dialogues that people loved so much. Vicky Donor had words, expressions, terrific performers, powerful characters and a pleasant wrap up. Didn’t you just love the drinking mom and biji to-the-power-n? There were so many reality elements in the film- the facebook chat, the girly drama, blushing and the dialogue by Yami Gautam,What do you want from me?” We know what the guy wants but we still want to hearEven Yami did justice to her character in the film, but Ayushmann and Annu Kapoor plus the aunties just stole the show!

From the lleno de vida (full of life) Punjabis to the intelligentsia of Bengal, the portrayal was amusing and so freaking precise at the same time!

I mean, the comedy did not beg us to laugh like it does in most Bollywood comedies these days! For example, lets take the new over hyped ‘Housefull 2‘. I heard people liked it and when I saw it, I was like shut it, man- the comedy was Akshay Kumar’s little finger and the only dialogue that made me smile passably was – Jai Bhadrakali. Sad Film. Proudly Copied story. Dumpmax package.

Vicky Donor on the other hand is a total comedy, issue-sensitive and really pleasant film to watch.