Keith Haring ~ My young Hero

by shalinijena

If it hadn’t been for google I wouldn’t have known and seen pop art, the way I saw it today. The queer google doodle caught my attention this morning and the name Keith Haring, rang absolutely no bells. Not being an American has its disadvantages- no grandfather to tell you stories of the 1980’s pop culture, something that is getting into my blood now after 20 years of my existence and 3 decades of the famous pop art.

Graffiti art has been there since eons, what Keith Haring did was a mix of pop and graffiti. It was weird, yes. It was beautiful, magical, clear with wide eyed innocence. I was captivated when I scrolled further down the list, I loved all his works! Obviously the first few pages would not have all his art works, and so I kept probing more and more. Until I could select my top favorites to share them here.

Isn’t it beautiful? I loved it. It is an Encaustic or hot wax painting on wood.

There really can’t be anymore anonymous sex.
Keith Haring said and drew this! If you look closely into his drawing, you see the intensity and the explicit nature of his works around sex and sexuality. Isn’t that weirdly awesome!

I loved this one! I want this hanging in front my bed and every morning I get up, I want it to stare at me just like that!

There were many sculptures that I liked that I would have liked to share and didn’t, but this one was not an option. I had to! No seriously, just tell me- If you have been to Egypt, even if you have seen a Sarcophagus for real, are you sure it is better than THIS!

There could have been stuff to criticize about, but today I don’t feel like it. The best works I have seen in a long time and that too 20 years of my life on earth. This one totally got me gasping. I can’t stop imagining it or anything close to this in my dream home! I will keep it in the middle, I swear! White, black and the tinge of red, give me better definition of combinations please!

Tell me you wouldn’t die for that, because I totally will.

He made this on that lucky BMW in 1990, the year he died of AIDS. He was only 32. If he were alive he would be 54 now and I would have known about him and loved and maybe collected his work someday! I still can, but I would love to have the aforesaid ones. Now, all of them must be as expensive as my family plus the extended family’s entire belongings, shielded in so many museums of the US. 

I wish he had grown old, but then there is a strange peace in looking at his young face as if he is still alive and never growing older…

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