The current status

by shalinijena

In case you are curious about my whereabouts these days, with holidays and internships taking a toll in our lives (no? Good!), I am here to tell you my current status on the earth. I am working as a content writer for an SEO Company and my home is my office. You don’t think its great job? Well me too. But dude, unlike most of my classmates and may be all, I sit comfortably without the sun looming over my head and eating up all the energy I gather in the morning and tell you the best part, I get paid for that.

My job is writing, which suits me well. I have learnt some real professional writing which has an upper hand when it comes to earning money. Now you might think, why do I talk about money all of a sudden. No reason. Am just in a mood to be serious and get rewarded for the same. Its usually encouraging when you get something for your good work. My friend’s boss gifted her a Nokia (some-cool qwerty model-I-dont-remember) which obviously is one of the tinniest reasons why she is all excited about her work as a photojournalist for the New Indian Express. Sounds pretty cool, right? I know!

I like my company because I don’t do content writing for individual websites or the ones like in instamedia or contentyogi. Not that they are not good enough because they are great part time jobs. But they demand more, teach less and the pay is really sad. Its not encouraging because you don’t have a mentor, who tells you and teaches and trains you for the work you do. And that is why I like my work. I am guided and I am learning, controlling my frustration and impatient behavior for the start may be, but I think I like this after all.

Anyways, people ask me what I work, most people know what it is. You have to write stuff for the companies and sometimes rewrite them and trust me – Rewriting one copy to a 50 is not an easy task! You got the same points for all and you can add nothing different. Subtract and you are way below your word limit. Anyways, I guess content writers have learnt internet to be their guru and speed their strength. The faster you think and type, the more you earn. Not bad, I kinda like it. Another thing – I hate to justify my work. Even to my dad, who doesn’t understand the point of writing for websites. I had to make him sit and show him what makes his life easier on the internet because of all the optimization work that the companies hire us for.

Babbling I am, I know. But its not just the money. I really wanted to work for an SEO Company. To see how it works, to catch speed and be quick with forming threads of words in my head. And that I could never manage by writing blogs. Never. One, because they involve too much thinking. Two, your language is your tongue and that does not help a lot when you are out of it.

So that is what I am doing guys.

Oh and yes, I deactivated my Facebook account for sometime. With the internet turned on for most part of the day, its hard to resist and end up fooling aimlessly on the blue friendly pages. Disturbs work. And trust me, if I could be, I would be – the saddest multitask’er on earth.