DAV Diaries: The Twinkling Stars

by shalinijena

Your password please, asked Vasudha. Angels and feathers, I answered. Good, she said, impressed.

I forgot my password all the time. It was not like I wasn’t serious about the whole thing. In those days, that was the most serious thing ever. It was our own niche. It was our secret, little, fabulous group, famously known as the “Twinkling stars”. And Vasudha was our President. We selected her. The second prestigious position was Richa’s- The Vice President of Twinkling Stars. The third most important position was mine- The treasurer. I was so proud of myself and of course, I was selected for this. The fourth and the fifth positions were occupied by Samapika and Tanaya, respectively. They were important members of our arcanum. The list ends with them.

We were meant to be the Famous Five, but Enid Blyton had already taken the rights away and so we had to settle for the second best- Twinkling stars. We were the famous stars.

Our ID cards were neatly drawn (definitely not by me) in sophisticated colors and colored stamps. Those stamps were a gift from Vasudha’s awesome aunt in Canada. We loved her because she always gave Vasu pretty gifts that we got to enjoy too. Anyways, back to our important discussion on the ID structure. They were not the conventional type. Our ID was also supposed to be kept a secret. Why? Well, inside it, were secret codes (in a whispered tone…). They were also drawn by Vasudha ofcourse, though I still don’t know how and where she learnt them. Those codes were some kind of sign languages that mute people used to converse.

We loved being cryptic. And we loved our job roles too. Vasudha was responsible for us and the group. Richa was her adviser and the one to keep a track on what was going on and what others had to do. I, Shalini Jena was the one who had the most responsible post- to keep our deposits safe. Samapika and Tanaya, were to make sure that everyone attends the meetings that took place once a week, on a particular day.

I don’t quite remember about others, but I do remember my part in all of this. I had a small brown pouch which had a zip. I had borrowed it from my mother but never told her why. In that pouch were 41 rupees and I counted them everyday to make sure they were as much. A post like mine, could not afford to make mistakes, Richa used to say. My contribution was a decent amount of Rs 10. Samapika and Tanaya put up a moderate amount of Rs 5, each. Vasudha was the most extravagant contributer, who kicked 20 bucks from her pocket! Richa, who I am sure was not a miser, but just too calculative, payed the rest. I hope she does not kill me after reading this.

What did the Twinkling stars do? Well, in every meeting of ours, we discussed what we should do; we discussed our aim and objective. But since, the exams landed up (when they always do), we could not fulfill our real aim to do something. And that is not an excuse! Twinkling stars was made with an idea which was very noble and could have made it large, if one fine day we had the money to eat puffs in the canteen. When the treasurer’s account dissolved, so did the arcanum and the group. Few years later, we were all separated to different parts of the country by laws of studies, family, postings and more, but the memory of Twinkling stars am sure, will enlighten us forever.

Thank You for reading my awesome crap of those awesomely dumb days when I was in Std-VI.