I am just ranting

by shalinijena

Sometimes I wonder what am I gonna do with my life?? I mean, I am impulsive, moody, skeptic (reasonable also), who would hire me? Or, do I want to be hired? I have my blog address hyperlink-ed in my CV and all they have to do is, visit my blog and make sure I don’t get a job in their company EVER.  Am I Hyperventilating? Yea!

I tried listing down things that interest me:

1. Music

2. Movies

3. Writing

4. Surfing

5. Fun


I am sad.

I used to like designing, I still do, but I get bored when I am aimless. Learning is super fun. But if you don’t have work to do, a target to accomplish, what do you even learn about? If you are confused, then I totally get you, because I am really good at convincing myself.

I mean, just look at me, I want to do so many things! Like become super HOT someday and in contrast, work for a really nice NGO.
I want to write and definitely not the way others want me to. Content writing jobs on internet is still a challenge, to be really good I mean, but I would still prefer to write my own stuff. Now, why would anyone be interested in my life? Except of course, the few people who visit my blog and don’t even bother to tell me about it, and most of them might come because they are bored or want some nice music to listen to! My audience must be the jobless people who like good music with great lyrics type no? I am happy about that!

I would love to write about films, but then I don’t watch as many that are required to be able to write about them. I mean, I am not a multi tasker, but I love writing good stuff. These days, I have been busy with here n there infi shit and that has taken away my writing hours. Recently I was suffering from a writer’s block and that frustrated me so much! I am promising myself today, to do better at stuff that I do well at. I am going to be regular here, I am going to write about films even if not my daily happenings that I used to love talking about (because right now, life is just “…..”). I have no idea what this post is about, may be my head’s ranting finally coming out..

PS: Happy birthday to a dear friend (who does not read my blog and will probably never know that I am wishing her).