March ’12 Movie-ing

by shalinijena

Godfather trilogy:

The film needs no mention and it is unfair on my part to label the trilogy and not separately. But anyways, what I loved most about all the films is the music. You will recognize it because it too is a victim of plagiarism, remember the famous Raja ko Rani se? I sometimes feel that Bollywood is the maker of the whole plagiarism concept.

Like most people, Godfather I, was my favorite, as a story. But then, the first is always the best, because that introduces everything and makes us wait eagerly for the next part, for which our expectations count more than the actual viewpoint.

We see a beautiful screenplay in the second part. Its almost perfect. You see in the prequel where Michael succeeds Vito Corleone and you expect him to be like his father (atleast I did). But you see a totally different person, with same ideals but different understanding, the same calm, but a different insight, the comparison itself creates a magic onscreen.

The third part is all about Al Pacino part. I loved him! It is not really considered to be as good as the first two, but personally, I loved it! I liked the chemistry between Mary and Vincent, I liked the old Michael and trust me, the climax did not go out of my mind for an entire day!

You might have already watched it, but then you never get bored of the Godfather and after reading the book by Mario Puzo, I can watch it a thousand times!

The Artist:

There were so many movies from the Oscar list to watch that I gave the silent one, my least preference. One not-so-fine evening, I was bored and not at all in a mood to watch any serious stuff and so, decided to watch the best movie of the year. That actually is a weird kind of irony, but whatever, now I must tell you.
The artist totally deserved the best FILM of the year! It was my first and the best silent film ever. I would have never thought that you could express so beautifully and flawlessly without using words. Weren’t George and Peppy just magic on the screen! Oh I loved them!
You are never EVER going to regret watching it!

The Help:

I was suffering from fever, I couldn’t stand 10 minutes of TV for a change, while mom asked me wait till dinner and go to sleep. I decided to fish around the lappy for sometime instead of the TV and just to check it out, I clicked on the film.

Now, trust me, the film is 2 and a half hour long and I did not know how high the fever was or whether I was hungry, in pain, irritated or depressed. I was glued. It has happened many times before, but somehow, this film had something exotic about it. I do not know if it was because I too am a woman, or because, the performance is beyond just words.
You will love the story, only listening to it might make your eyes swell up a bit. But more than that, watch it for the unbelievable talent. You will love the positive characters and hate the negative ones and then love them more for making your day!


My favorite actors: Natalie Portman and Brad Pitt. If you have been to my blog regularly, the you know how crazy I am about Portman, Pitt has been mentioned rarely I guess. Ok, so you see, there were a hundred reasons why I loved the film so much.

Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt. The dialogues. Brad Pitt’s right hand. Brad Pitt’s expressions.
Every genuine film has its own beauty and this was perhaps one of the most genuine of all. It was not based on anything. It was all about reality. The details in the film, in the dialogues, everything had a beautiful story to tell and I am sure, the audience absolutely loved it.

Little Children:

Which should be a multi starred film with a concept like that, actually ended up focusing on the most talented and spellbinding of all, Kate Winslet. She is flawless, isn’t she?
The film actually is one of my favorite films so far. It is so perfect. The story, the performance, the sensuality and the sex. Everything has been so beautifully shown…
There was a recent argument that I had with my friends related to the concept of the film. They think what Sarah and Brad did was wrong, that they realized that at the end and so, went back to their normal lives. But, I don’t think that is the point that the film wanted to make. The real story is based on two lines that Sarah mentions in one of the book clubs about Madame Bovery cheating on her husband:

She is trapped. She has a choice. She can either accept a life of misery or she can struggle against it. And she chooses to struggle… She fails in the end but there’s something beautiful and even heroic in her rebellion… Emma Bolveri was a feminist, in her own strange way. It is the hunger. The hunger for an alternative, and the refusal to accept the life of unhappiness..

The Reader:

I saved up all my praises for Kate Winslet from the aforesaid, for this film. She won the best actress that year in Oscars and most of you might have watched it long back. The story was beautifully unique, the characters and their roles, mind sets, maturity, immaturity, so wonderfully potrayed.
She plays the ordinary without ado, it is like she is made for being one. She is fearless and bold. Her nudity in the film is so capturing that you cannot take your eyes off her. Her innocence is so sweet and to the limit of perfection! I remember a scene where she and Michael are out for a 2 day holiday and in a restaurant he asks her to choose from the menu and she holds the menu in her hands, sheepishly looking here and there, and then asks him to choose instead.
I loved David Kross in War horse, did a great job in the film! Ralph Fiennes will always be in one my respected lists and so you see, this film just had it all.

The constant gardener:

Just by talking about Ralph Fiennes reminded me of this. Many of you might not have seen this and I may be wrong about that. But, its a must watch! Of all the things we talk about like politics, corruption, poverty, betrayal, using poor people as bait to there means. I won’t call the film just a concept, it would be an understatement.

Rachel Weisz was wonderful! I loved her and her character. There is a signature look of hers in the film where her hand is almost always in front of her mouth, like she is biting the skin around the nails. And moreover, after Agora, I could watch any film of hers. I have a long list right now!

PS- There are many more! But, I got little time…