The night show with the looney

by shalinijena

29th Jan, 2012

At 1.30 am, Mom, dad and me stepped out of the theatre (The Big cinema at I-max) after watching the recently hyped, Agneepath’s night show. It was our first late show at Hyderabad which I don’t think is remotely an experience my folks would want to remember, but come on; everybody must owe themselves a first time!

Actually, earlier in the day, I had watched the matinee show for ‘goodnight | goodmorning’ with a friend who rated Agneepath, tantamount to the reception of dirty picture. Now you see, I loved DP. I came back home and tried convincing my parents into going for a night show. I knew that finding tickets for the movie was not close to possible plus my folks would never agree to go for a movie which they could watch for free and sans ado at our club’s open theatre in another week or two. So, I had to emotionally blackmail them by telling how much I wanted to go out with them on a night show to a good rated movie as this and that the fact that they wouldn’t even care to experience it, sucked. My dad being the sweetest person on earth agreed in before I could accuse them more.

So here we were: drowsy in our sadly drooping heads, dragging our feet to the car whose relative distance from the point of our location w.r.t to our mood and pace was really long. Now in that long period, I was thinking of two things, which I wanted to share with you guys…

1. Among the crowd of 70 or more people streaming out of the theatre, if I was to imagine a Bollywood sequence in reality where black masked thugs barge into the multiplex and drag a woman out from the crowd, the big stairs outside the building and toss her on the pavement in front the multiplex. A big ugly man with no mask but too many gold chains, in black attire then enters from behind the masked thugs and brutally punishes the woman. I didn’t really think of a reason, but while I was walking down the stairs, the hypothetical sight intrigued me.

Would I help? What if someone does try to and gets shot eventually? Others, who have witnessed are threatened to be murdered with family. What would I chose? Would I fight for the girl? Or stand on the court as a witness? In a country like India, where whistle-blowers and crime witnesses fail to be protected, would I stand for justice? Why would I want to end up dead or living with the trauma of my family’s death for a sufferer who I don’t even know? By hiding the truth, the guilt would not let me live and by speaking of it, the fear of losing my loved ones would kill me every second of the day and mostly nights. The protagonist always manages to be on the side of justice, but I couldn’t figure where I would stand, alone or among the crowd?

2. Evil couldn’t have existed if it wasn’t strong enough and so, the concept of good winning over the evil in 98% of Bollywood cinema is yet another thing that arouses my interest. Our audience loves happy ending. They want the protagonist to suffer; they want a conflict that would make them hate the villain. The villain portrayed in a dull dark backdrop with unfathomable reach in the society. You cannot twist a strand of his hair, but only the hero is destined to destroy him with self-determination and immense good-will. Oh yes, Bollywood cinema is funnily awesome. Personally if you ask me how Agneepath was, in the tri part rate division of excellent, good and poor, I would call it good, but not good enough.

There was a major flaw! In the last scene when Kancha stabbed Vijay somewhere on the stomach and after sometime when Vijay gets up with all possible drama and music, I was shocked to see no dent on his bare torso. He was stabbed, so was there a crying phoenix I missed?

Whatever, the point is that I don’t think this is plausible in reality. Of course, hardly anything they show is.. But still. One can only guarantee that greater good could win over the evil, not any good… If that could have happened, we would have effortlessly lived the rest of our lives in peace and harmony. But that can’t happen. And may be in the next generation when people get bored of heroism, film makers would start to make skeptical or cynical cinema and then jobless critics like me would end up demanding for hope

But it is a small world, after all, with a lot more than I can see, to figure out…