R.I.P Arfa..

by shalinijena

I was skimming my facebook wallee when I accidentally pressed on one of the updates by a friend on the right side. She had shared a photo of a girl standing in front of a wall. On the wall, in golden letters, it was written Microsoft. But that was not what caught my attention. It was the face of the pretty girl that did. I was shocked to see RIP written just below it. I clicked on the hyperlink. It was a shared page with some 1000+ likes. But what really mattered was the content. You can read it yourself, here.

To make it short, her name is Arfa Karim Randhwa and was the youngest Microsoft employer or Microsoft certified professionals i.e at the age of 9 who died on 14th Jan, 2012  at the age of 16, after she suffered a cardiac arrest that damaged her brain.

She must have been the genius celebrity… Evidently, Pakistan is so proud of her and I, sitting here, in front of my white lappy and kind of a little ashamed of being so backward with such general knowledge, is feeling immensely proud to have learnt that – a girl like her did exist…

I don’t pray but, R.I.P Arfa.. Because I believe you can listen to me, from wherever you are or to wherever He took you…