by shalinijena

It has been sometime that you have really been angry.
The kind of anger when you want to kill someone, you want to slap on the face out of vengeance, you want to yell at the top of your voice and just become apathetic to every damn emotion that exists.
You just want to shout like a barbarian and let them know that you don’t give a damn, you don’t care and every other person who doesn’t understand you, you ask them go to hell as well.
Its a rare emotion.
It takes away whatever that you have ever built.
Do you know, when is that that you get lucky to save it all?
When you are alone..
When no one is listening, but the walls. No one is talking back, but the echo. No one cares, but the mirror.
You pace up and down, trying to vent your anger physically. Covering your face, letting more air into your lungs, saving up to cool the heat inside.
You think its gone, but its only a matter of time, when the walls remind you what happened and you shout again.
You shout at anybody who comes across.
You slam the door, break a glass, kick the chair, the loudness gives you a moment of peace and then its gone, till something breaks inside you and you sit down.
You cover your face, your eyes, the heat emanating sub conscious pleasure and when the world goes dark, you break down.
All that you had thought you would do doesn’t seem plausible and that irritates you.
You compose yourself, you try so hard, but the barrier veiling your tears break and you just cry instead…