Movie-ing Diaries – The 9 names

by shalinijena

Been a long time since I talked about films, right? Every time I watch a movie, I wish to write a review, but as the credits roll by and staring at the screen, I am clueless so about what to write and as I struggling to get words is not happening and thus, I ditch the idea. So, here I am listing out some of my watched and re-watched movies past a month or more:

  1. The Patriot :
    Apart from the fact that I love Mel Gibson, I think the treatment of the film had that Bollywood tinge wherein at the end of the movie, the protagonist becomes the hero. Who doesn’t love happy endings? (Well, I don’t) But hey, I guess you would agree that it’s a great movie. And my definition of a great movie is not-getting-bored-for-a sec!
  2. The braveheart :
    I have this back to back with the patriot because it was similar in the treatment again, but without the happy ending. Do you think I liked it more? Yes, I did! But I wouldn’t rate any of them, because the presentation, performance and proposition is anytime unparalleled for both the films, right?!
  3. Saheb, biwi or Gangster :
    A sexy movie it is! But of course, it is sexy and not sex. Jimmy Shergil is the Sahib who spends his nights with his mistress and Mahi Gill is his biwi who finds succor in the arms of the small time gangster, Randeep Hooda, who actually is an imposter in their driver’s disguise who eventually falls in the love with Sahib’s biwi and subconsciously becomes her puppet to get her reins over Sahib and make him love her again. The story is a blend of love, passion, betrayal and honor with the sepia stained backdrop which intensifies emotions because the scene for the audience becomes distant, yet familiar.
  4. Bol :
    The entire story unveils when the protagonist, Zainab gathers the media to tell her history before being hanged till death in a Pakistani prison. An engaging story fraught with the anxious feeling in the stomach about what might happen next, as it is based on issues like domestic violence, harassment under misjudged religious sentiments, transgender discrimination and child abuse. I liked the movie and I wouldn’t say it is a revolution, but such films are required to aware the audience for providing them with a virtual experience of reality.
  5. Gone with the Wind :
    There is something about the complete analog romance that attracts me into their world of non-virtual existence. I mean, there was nothing called instantaneous mail and so people were patient, women didn’t have to go to gym, because they worked in the fields, gentlemen were not laughed at, social gatherings were not boring , guests were invited specially and not by clicking a send-to-all button! But anyways, I liked the movie, because I could relate myself a lot with the protagonist and hey, it’s ridiculous that they made such an awesome movie back in 1939, but is it??
  6. Million Dollar Baby :
    I might have been a little bored somewhere in the middle, somewhere in the first half I think. But the movie is great. In fact, it had some of the best dialogues I had heard in a long time. One of them is:Maggie walked through that door with nothing but guts. No chance in the world of being what she needed to be. A year and a half later, she’s fighting for the championship of the world. You did that. People die every day Frankie, mopping floors washing dishes. And you know what their last thought is? “I never got my shot. “Because of you, Maggie got her shot. If she dies today, you know what her last thought will be? “I think I did all right. ”
  7. Leon – The professional :
    I was shocked to see the extensive resemblance of the plot and sequences with the Bollywood movie Bichoo which I watched quite some years back and had actually like it a lot, despite the poor starring. But anyways, if I liked Bichoo, then I loved Leon. From the introduction, to the plot and then the expected but intriguing finale, everything was made out of sheer excellence of performance and the script writer’s fantastic sequences!
  8. Gladiator :
    The Favorite movie to many people, isn’t it? You might be there in the list too. It’s hard not to like a movie such as the Gladiator. Even though you have heard me tell a lot of times, that I prefer commercial cinema with less heroism, I would still say that the gladiator was a wonderfully written and executed film. The attitude of a fierce fighter to the heart of a beloved husband, doting father and hardworking countryman. The more contradictory roles he played, the more convincing it seemed.
  9. V for Vendetta :
    Artists used lies to tell the truth, while politicians covered them to cover the truth up.Dude! It’s psyched! Its marvel! It’s awesome! I love Natalie Portman and I am not gonna get bored by saying it again and again! It’s hard to decide on how to give justice to an incredible work of art. V for Vendetta is a work of fiction that is made of lies to tell the truth, based on an idea, it has showed the importance of how and what an idea can do and mean. Despite the theory many have to put on the movie, I personally liked it so much because of the deep involvement of media in the process and the subconscious method of gripping the audience. Watch it!

PS– What is so special about 10 huh? I have a few more movies to talk about, but they will come around, I like the number 9.