The Lucky corby

by shalinijena

I had written the board exams for my 12th grade when I bought my Corby. A pretty, petite, pink, plump, phone, any girl’s dream! Since I have neither liked slim or touch phones because slim ones do not give me the I-have-a-phone-in-my-hand feeling and the touch ones, make me look stupid. My pink Corby was a perfect combo of beauty, brains and simplicity! Just made for me… Don’t you agree that a phone should define you? It was actually a surprise, because one fine evening, me and my family went around spencer’s, which was supposedly the only mall in the city and daddy asked me to take a look at the Mobile store to check a few models. I selected, I liked, he said take it and I got it! It was my lucky phone, my pink Corby… No one ever stole it, no matter where I went and where I left, I always got it back!

I was into believing that the phone could never ever lose because there had been myriad instances where I had somehow lost it, but nevertheless got it back by evening. It was during those days when a lot of phones were getting hooked by classmate thieves, when I had this idea of calling my Corby, the lucky one. I left it at the studio twice and yet, when I realized it 2 hours later, the first time and god knows how much time after, the second time. But I found it and that too exactly where I had left it. The next time, I had incautiously handed it down to a complete stranger, now don’t ask me how, maybe I wanted to hold something big such as a DSLR camera from a person standing nearby and because of the phone, I couldn’t, so I gave the cell to someone else to keep it for some time and then, unsurprisingly forgot. Anyways, this happened at around 12 in the afternoon and I realized that it was missing at 10 in the evening and when I frantically said that to my mom, she coolly replied that it was with one of my friends who had already informed her on the land-line before I reached home.

I have probably lost the number of times; I had left it in a restaurant, dhaba, bus or college kiosk, because I always got it back. So a few weeks before, I was too excited to buy myself few new clothes and accessories because finally my mom was out shopping with me and I love buying stuff with her. It’s not always fun with friends, because 1. Our choice is hardly classy 2. We don’t have unlimited credit 3. I hate window shopping and so does she. Since, it’s been a year that I have become a delirious shopper, I had forgotten that I was not supposed to hold my phone, but keep it inside my pocket, that is the rule to keep it safe. But anyways, I checked time on the phone, entered MAX in search of the leggings they advertise about, asked a few salespersons who said there weren’t any, I kept on looking for something like it, did not find it and came out of the store. Few minutes after, mom asked to check if dad had called and lo, there was no phone he could have.

So, basically, the phone was misplaced and if you are wondering why I wrote this post, well then, because when I lost it, I was kind of happy because I was wondering for a long time why I didn’t lose it like others, but, I didn’t exactly, lose it, I just misplaced it somewhere and before I could realize the same, someone’s day was already made. But anyways! So, I misplaced the phone and was asking my mom not to be upset about it, money is never a big deal, people lose cars every day, and it’s just a phone. But a few days later, I missed my morning alarm, I missed checking for new messages, I had to make 10 phone calls to get a number and no, I have not yet blocked my SIM. And that is when I realized that I missed my Corby!

My corby pink was real PINK, not this one!

I miss it more now, because if it would have been here, I would never have been late for college and get punished. I gotta go, so